City Councilor Cynthia Borrego Hits the Streets of District 5 for National Night Out

The annual event helps strengthen neighborhoods and improve police-community partnerships to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live.

2019 National Night Out In City Council District 5 featured numerous community events, bringing together friendly people, public safety officers, and community leaders! Councilor Borrego drove to different areas of District 5 with her constituent and CABQ 311 Citizen Contact Outreach Coordinator, Marjorie Germain and her District 5 Policy Analyst, Susan Vigil.

"Thanks to all of the amazing folks who hosted the events in your homes! And a special thanks to our local Police Officers and Fire Fighters for sharing your time with us this evening. It was truly a great event, socializing with our neighbors and friends!" said Councilor Borrego.

District 5 2019 National Night Out