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Carbon Offsets

Focus on strategies that prepare Albuquerque’s business and industry sector for nationally regulated greenhouse gases, regardless of specific legislative outcomes.

 Carbon Offset Newspaper

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Carbon Neutral Buildings

Use broad evaluative criteria to rank Carbon Neutral Building strategies by estimated implementation costs, greenhouse gas reductions, timing and feasibility.

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Clean, Renewable Energy

Defining renewable energy as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass based on Albuquerque’s geography and local resources, we believe these resources will play a major role in the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint for the Albuquerque metropolitan area.

Clean Renewable Energy 2

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Complete, Livable Neighborhoods

The city’s land-use patterns and policies can be the catalyst for facilitating the process of creating complete, livable neighborhoods that meet the diverse and unique needs of Albuquerque’s rich and varied cultures.

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Local Food and Agriculture

Energy consumption in existing food production is an issue that must be addressed. The best way to create significant energy reductions is by taking a thorough look at incentives that provide economic assistance to local growers and food retailers and encourage consumers to buy locally produced food.


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Recycling and Zero Waste

Decomposition of solid waste is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Albuquerque is taking significant steps to reduce its waste through the adoption and implementation of a Zero Waste plan.


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Social Change

The City of Albuquerque’s climate change goals require commitment and action from all residents, institutions, businesses and City government. In this context, a comprehensive communication strategy is needed to effectively educate and encourage all stakeholders to take action.

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A primary source of emissions are personal automobiles. A strategic shift of transportation priorities to alternate modes of transportation will assist the City of Albuquerque in achieving its sustainability and climate change goals.