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Ed Vega, Untitled

On view in the West Garden

sculpture garden 2020

Ed Vega
born 1938, Deming, New Mexico; lives Los Ranchos, New Mexico
Cor-ten steel
Albuquerque Museum, gift of Fay Pfaelzer Abrams

Ed Vega’s sculpture seems to be formed from a single piece of steel in motion even though it was created with 10 identical pieces of steel. Untitled is reminiscent of early photographic experiments by French photographer, Etienne-Jules Marey which depicted several phases of movement within a single photograph. Vega’s sculptures are inspired by the ideas of two early 20th-century artistic movements—Cubism, which sought to illustrate a subject from multiple viewpoints simultaneously, and Futurism, which focused on creating a sense of motion and speed despite the static reality of the object. These ideas are applied in Vega’s elegant sculptures which express dimensionality of both space and time.