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Tom Waldron, Blue Tank

On view in the East Garden

sculpture garden 2020

Tom Waldron
born 1953 Minneapolis, Minnesota; lives Albuquerque, New Mexico
Blue Tank
painted steel
Albuquerque Museum, museum purchase, 1985 General Obligation Bonds

Deceptively complex, Blue Tank is an elegant sculpture with both gentle curves and sharp transitions. Viewing the sculpture from the point of view of the curved edge, it appears that the tank could extend all the way around to form a complete circle, but instead, it stops abruptly to create a flat edge on the opposite side. Depending on light and perspective the shapes may be perceived differently. The minimal yet contemplative design of Blue Tank alludes to the importance of water in the desert Southwest.

Tom Waldron’s transformation of cast-off objects from the industrial urban landscape integrates practical concerns such as stability, safety, and durability with an interest in inviting different aesthetic points of view.