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Second Grade Students Reading at or above Grade Level
High School Drop Out Rates
Library Materials Checked Out and Website Hits per Year
Education Achievement Level of Albuquerque Residents
Households Paying More than 30% of Income for Housing
Self Assessed Personal Conditons of Seniors by Age Groups
Adults Engaging in Physical Exercise
Births to Mothers without Prenatal Care
Adult Residents Who Have Health Insurance Coverage
Births to Females 15 to 19 Years of Age
Divorce Rate
Assault and Battery against Household Members
Homeless Students
Residents Reporting a Feeling of Safety
Serious Crimes against Property
Serious Crimes against Persons
Number of Neighborhood Watches Organized
Number of Animals Impounded, Reclaimed, Adopted or Euthanized; Number of Bite Cases
Area Emergency Operations Plan
Storm Water System Tort Claims
Journey to Work Mode Split and Mean Travel Time to Work
Vehicle Miles Traveled and Vehicle Miles Traveled per Capita
Transit Ridership
Miles of Bike Lanes, Routes, and Trails
Street Conditions
Residents Who Have Internet Access
Wastewater Treatment Plant Compliance with Permit
Sewer Line Blockages
Peak Water Demand vs. Reserve Capacity by Water Trunk
Leaks per Year in Water Mains
Proportion of Downtown Housing Units to Jobs
Walking Distance to Destinations
New Construction Building Permits Inside and Outside the 1960 City Boundary
Vacant Sites within the 1960 and Current City Boundary
Number and Distribution of Parks
Air Quality
Water Quality
City-owned and Managed Open Space Acreage Compared with the Total Land Area in the City
Waste Generated per Household
Wastes Diverted from the Landfill - Recycling Tons
Per Capita Water Use
Change in Aquifer Level
Renewable and Nonrenewable Sources of Albuquerque Water Supply
Employment by Sector
Value of New Commercial Building Permits
Lodger's Tax Revenues
Job Growth Trends Compared with the U.S. and Other Metropolitan Areas
Per Capita Income
Median Family Income and Household Income
Voting Age Participation (VAP)
Resident Volunteer Rate
Participation in Community Organizations and Cultural, Sporting, Entertainment Event Attendance
Impact of Arts on Understanding Other Cultures and Feeling Connected to Community
Residents Accurately Responding to Survey Questions about Community Conditions
Intergovernmental Collaboration
GOV 16 Viewership by Age; e-Services and Ease of Use of City Web Site
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