Police Oversight Agency

Information about Albuquerque's Police Oversight Agency.

Seeking Independent Counsel for the Police Oversight Board

The Albuquerque Police Oversight Board is seeking a contract Independent Counsel to advise and represent the POB for through June 30, 2015 with a possible contract extension through June 30, 2016.  Must be an active NM Bar member with experience in civil rights, police misconduct cases, criminal law, contract law, municipal regulations, Open Meetings Act/IPRA and union contracts.  Submit letter of interest and CV by May 1st to Beth A. Mohr, POB Personnel Sub-Committee Chair, at [email protected].

About the Civilian Police Oversight Agency

The Civilian Police Oversight Agency receives and investigates complaints filed by individuals against the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) and its employees for misconduct.

Another Mission of the Civilian Police Oversight Agency Commission is to propose policy changes to the Albuquerque Police Department.

Reports & Documents

View Civilian Police Oversight reports and documents.

Police Oversight Board Meetings

The Police Oversight Board meets monthly in City Council Chambers. Typically, the meeting will be typically held on the second Thursday of each month, with the exceptions of May and October 2015, which have alternative dates to accommodate schedule conflicts.

View the May 19, 2015 POB Meeting agenda here.

View a listing of the 2015 meetings in PDF format.

Broadcast Police Oversight Board Meetings

The Police Oversight Board Meetings is televised on GOV-TV, the local government television channel for Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.

View Police Oversight Board Meeting broadcasts.

Notice of Proposed Rules Adoption for the Police Oversight Board

At 5 p.m. on April 9, 2015 at its regular meeting inside the Vincent E. Griego City Council Chambers, the Police Oversight Board (POB) will consider adoption of proposed Rules concerning the Procedures and Policies of the Board.

Public comments on the proposed Rules are welcomed and encouraged.

If special accommodations are necessary to attend this meeting or if you have questions about this notice, please call the Administrative Office of the Civilian Police Oversight Agency at (505) 924-3770.

The April 9, 2015, meeting of the Police Oversight Commission was video recorded and broadcast on GOV-TV.

View recent Police Oversight Board Meetings.

Police Oversight Board (POB) Subcommittee Meetings

The Police Oversight Board created ad-hoc Subcommittees:

POB Community Outreach Subcommittee

View the May 26, 2015 Community Outreach Subcommittee Agenda.

POB Complaint Review Subcommittee

View the May 7, 2015 Complaint Review Subcommittee Agenda.

View the May 11, 2015 Complaint Review Subcommittee Agenda.

POB Personnel Subcommittee

 View the May 6, 2015 Personnel Subcommittee Agenda.

All POB Subcommittee meetings will be noticed in the "Police Oversight Meetings" section to the right of this page.  The Agendas for these meetings will be posted 72 hours prior to the meeting on the Events page.

Police Oversight Board Training

The Foundation for Open Government will conduct a training on the Open Meetings Act on April 27, 2015 from 5 pm to 7 pm at Plaza del Sol, 600 2nd St NW, Room 160. 

The training is open to the public.  There will be no public comment at this training.