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2014 Volunteer of the Year Awards

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Mayor Berry & Volunteering

Mayor Berry believes volunteerism is a vitally important part of how Albuquerque is able to operate on a daily basis. Volunteers help Albuquerque's senior citizens by bringing meals and helping to clean their homes. Volunteers work with animals in need, ensuring that animal welfare is a priority in our city.

They reach out to the homeless and needy, giving out warm meals and caring conversation. The spirit of volunteerism runs deep through our city.

Day of Recognition

In honor of all the selfless, hardworking volunteers who call Albuquerque their home, Mayor Berry will be hosting the second annual Mayor's Day of Recognition for National Service on April 1, 2014.

At this event, we will recognize an individual as the Volunteer of the Year and a business, community group, or non-profit organization for Excellence in Volunteerism.

The intention of this event is to show our gratitude to all of the committed individuals serving our community selflessly on a daily basis.

Together, we can work to recognize those volunteers who daily strive to improve our city and spread the spirit of service and selflessness everywhere.

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