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2020 Volunteer of the Year Awards

Help us recognize the 2020 One Albuquerque Volunteers of the Year.

Volunteer Nomination Form

Nominate an outstanding community member.

Thousands of volunteers help make Albuquerque a brighter place to live and work.

Day of Recognition

In honor of all the selfless, hardworking volunteers who call Albuquerque their home, Mayor Keller will be hosting the sixth annual Mayor's Day of Recognition for National Service on April 24, 2020, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

At this event, we will recognize an individual as the Volunteer of the Year and a business, community group, or non-profit organization for Excellence in Volunteerism.

The intention of this event is to show our gratitude to all of the committed individuals serving our community selflessly on a daily basis.

Together, we can work to recognize those volunteers who daily strive to improve our city and spread the spirit of service and selflessness everywhere.

Mayor Keller & Volunteering

Mayor Keller believes volunteerism is a vital part of how Albuquerque is able to operate on a daily basis. The only way we can rise to meet the greatest challenges faced by our city is through a whole-of-community approach. That is why our administration has opened our city government in new ways to create an avenue for action for everyone. There is a way for everyone in our community to work with us, in a way that is meaningful for them, to help our city operate more effectively than it ever has before.Through our collective work, we will make Albuquerque a safe, inclusive, innovative community that works for all.

The spirit of volunteerism runs deep through our city and One Albuquerque Volunteers is working to cultivate a culture of service that is a tradition for all Burqueños. Interested in helping the City of Albuquerque or one of our many partner organizations make a difference today? Check out our new and improved volunteer website!