2022 Volunteer of the Year Awards

Nominate an Outstanding Volunteer for the 2022 Mayor’s Day of Volunteer Recognition.

Mayor's Day of Recognition

Call for Nominations

Nominations closed May 13, 2022


Join us for Mayor's Day of Volunteer Recognition! Watch at youtu.be/MoBDfpsZS5g

Mayor Keller and the One Albuquerque Volunteer Advisory Board are excited to be planning an in-person event for this year's Mayor's Day of Recognition. This event provides an opportunity for Mayor and our community members to come together to celebrate our volunteers and Albuquerque’s culture of service.

Please nominate any and all outstanding volunteers you know who have provided their time over the last one to two years. The Volunteer Advisory Board is excited to read the stories of our many incredible volunteers across the city.

Registration for Thursday, June 23, 2022

This event has sold out.

This event is free and will be limited capacity so be sure to register early.

Any changes to this event based on public health guidelines will be provided in advance.

For questions, contact [email protected]