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Information about ABQ Data, the City of Albuquerque's open-data initiative.

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ABQ Data

ABQ Data is the City of Albuquerque's clearing house for open data. From here, anyone can access raw information related to the City of Albuquerque.

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    Data Sets

    IconData SetsDescription & Metadata
    Open Trails Open Trails Metadata
    Crime Incidents Crime Incidents Metadata
    Address Points Address Points Metadata
    DMD Projects DMD Projects Metadata
    Police Area Commands Police Area Commands Metadata
    Employee Benefits & Rates Employee Benefits & Rates Metadata
    City Council Districts City Council Districts Metadata
    Parks Parks Metadata
    Vehicle Emissions Vehicle Emissions Metadata
    caption: Route 66 Signs Route 66 Signs Metadata
    Public Art Public Art Metadata
    Film Locations Film Locations Metadata
    Restaurant Inspections in LIVES format Restaurant Inspections in LIVES format Metadata
    Parking Citations Parking Citations Metadata
    Campaign Finalized Campaign Finalized Metadata
    Campaign Vendor Campaign Vendor Metadata
    Voting Locations Voting Locations Metadata
    Summer Lunch Summer Lunch Metadata
    City Council Districts City Limits Metadata
    Swimming Pool Admissions Swimming Pool Admissions Metadata
    Zone Atlas Zone Atlas Metadata
    Address Atlas Address Atlas Metadata
    City Limits City Limits Metadata
    Air Quality Air Quality Metadata
    Business Registration Business Registration Metadata
    Pollen Count Daily Pollen Count Daily Metadata
    Prescription Trails Prescription Trail Metadata
    WiFi Spots WiFi Spots Metadata
    Registered Historic Places Registered Historic Places Metadata
    Golf Courses Golf Courses Metadata
    Recycling Drop-off Locations Recycling Drop-off Locations Metadata
    Google Transit FS Google Transit FS Metadata
    Transit in Real Time Transit Real Time Metadata
    Transit Routes and Stops Transit Routes and Stops Metadata
    Transit Maps Transit Maps Metadata - to be used with other Transit data sets
    Building Permits Building Permits Metadata
    Food Inspections Food Inspections Metadata
    Pool Inspections Pool Inspections Metadata
    Bike Paths Bike Paths Metadata
    City Events RSS Events Metadata
    Albuquerque Neighborhoods Neighborhoods Metadata
    City News RSS City News Metadata
    ABQ Open Space Open Space Metadata
    ABQ Parks Parks Metadata
    Volunteerism RSS Volunteerism Metadata
    Graded Employee Earnings Graded Employee Earnings Metadata
    Top 250 Employee Earners Top 250 Employee Earners Metadata
    Ungraded Employee Earnings Ungraded Employee Earnings Metadata
    Vendor Checkbook Vendor Checkbook Metadata
    Police Beats Police Beats Metadata
    FEMA Exemptions FEMA Exemptions Metadata
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