Free Wireless Access

Duke City residents and visitors can enjoy free wireless access to the Internet, from the City of Albuquerque.

Required Devices

To use this service, you need a functioning device — such as a laptop computer, PDA, or WiFi-enabled phone or tablet — that has a properly configured wireless network adapter.

City WiFi Hotspots

  • Points represent City facilities providing free Wi-Fi.
  • Lines represent Rapid Ride bus routes.
  • Wi-Fi also is available on the Rapid Ride buses.

WiFi Map

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Hotspot Location SSID (Network Name)
Alamosa/Robert L. Murphy Public Library 6900 Gonzales SW Alamosa
Albuquerque Aquarium & Botanic Garden 2601 Central NW COAFreeWireless
Albuquerque Civic Plaza One Civic Plaza NW COAFreeWireless
Albuquerque International Sunport 2200 Sunport SE sunport
Albuquerque Museum 2000 Mountain NW COAFreeWireless
Animal Control East 8920 Lomas NE COAFreeWireless
Animal Control West 11800 Sunset Gardens SW COAFreeWireless
Balloon Fiesta Grounds 4401 Alameda NE COAFreeWireless
Balloon Museum 9201 Balloon Museum NE COAFreeWireless
Barelas Senior Center 1502 4th SW COAFreeWireless
Bear Canyon Senior Center 4645 Pitt NE COAFreeWireless
Central & Carlisle Rapid Ride Station East Central & Carlisle COAFreeWireless
Central & Unser Transit Center West Central & Unser COAFreeWireless
Central & Yale Rapid Ride Station East Central & Yale COAFreeWireless
Cherry Hills Public Library 6901 Barstow NE Cherry Hills
Convention Center 401 2nd NW ConventionFreeWiFi
East Mountain Library 1 Old Tijeras Road, Tijeras, NM East Mountain
Erna Fergusson Library 3700 San Mateo NE Erna Fergusson
Ernie Pyle Library 900 Girard SE Ernie Pyle
Esperanza Community Bike Shop 5600 Esperanza NW COAFreeWireless
Highland Senior Center 131 Monroe NE COAFreeWireless
Holiday Park Community Center 11710 Comanche NE COAFreeWireless
Jeanna Bellamah Community Center 11516 Summer NE COAFreeWireless
John Marshall Health & Social Services 1500 Walter SE COAFreeWireless
Juan Tabo Library 3407 Juan Tabo NE Juan Tabo
KiMo Theater 421 Central NW COAFreeWireless
La Amistad Senior Meal Site 415 Fruit NE COAFreeWireless
Lomas Tramway Library 908 Eastridge NE Lomas Tramway
Los Duranes Community Center 2920 Leopoldo NW COAFreeWireless
Los Griegos Health & Social Service Center 1231 Candelaria NW COAFreeWireless
Los Griegos Library 1000 Griegos NW Los Griegos
Los Volcanes Senior Center 6500 Los Volcanes NW COAFreeWireless
Main Public Library 501 Copper NW Main
McKinley Community Center 3401 Monroe NE COAFreeWireless
Mesa Verde Community Center 7900 Marquette NE COAFreeWireless
North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center 8515 Murrelet NE COAFreeWireless
North Valley Library 7704 2nd NW North Valley
North Valley Senior Center 3825 4th NW COAFreeWireless
Northwest Transit Center Park & Ride Ellison & Coors Bypass NW COAFreeWireless
Old Town Plaza 303 Romero NW COAFreeWireless
Rapid Ride Buses All Rapid Ride Buses COAFreeWireless
Robinson Park Central & 8th NW COAFreeWireless
San Pedro Library 5600 Trumbull SE San Pedro
South Broadway Cultural Center 1025 Broadway SE COAFreeWireless
South Broadway Library 1025 Broadway SE South Broadway
South Valley Library 3904 Isleta SW South Valley
Special Collections Library 423 Central NE Special Collections
Taylor Ranch Community Center 4900 Kachina NW COAFreeWireless
Taylor Ranch Public Library 5700 Bogart NW Taylor Ranch
Tony Hillerman Library 8205 Apache NE Tony Hillerman
Uptown Transit Center Uptown Boulevard NE & Indiana Street COAFreeWireless
Vincent E. Griego Council/Commission Chambers One Civic Plaza NW COAFreeWireless
West Mesa Community Center 5500 Glenrio NW COAFreeWireless
Westgate Library 1300 Delgado SW Westgate
Zoo 903 10th SW COAFreeWireless