Style Guide

You can format content in the body text in different ways using the menu bar in the page text editor.

Block Paragraph

Use paragraph format for text.


Use Headers to introduce the subject of the text to follow. Do not use Bold as a substitute for a Headers.

Pull Quote
"Pull-quote" is to highlight text that also exists in elsewhere in your text.


Use bullets for lists and steps and not for formatting

  • Use for bullets lists
  • Use for numbering for steps
  • Use code for formatting


Insert a Horizontal Line to break up sections on your page.

Contact Portlet

All departments and divisions need to have an updated contact portlet.

Quick Links

Add, change, and remove your quick links as needed.

Section Block Landing Page

Please reach out to the web team to add, change, and remove the section blocks on your landing page.

More Formatting Options

Contact the web team to get the code required for boxes, buttons, video embeds, and custom layouts on your pages.