Style Guide

You can format content in the body text in different ways. Click on the drop down menu next to the Save icon to get to the styles.


"Normal" formats it the way this text is -- that is, not at all. Most of your text will be formatted as "Normal".


Heading makes text large and noticeable.


Subheading text is smaller than Heading text, but still larger than Normal text.


"Literal" puts text in grey italics.


"Call-out" is like "literal," but puts the text in a grey box and center-aligns the text.

Pull Quote
"Pull-quote" is to highlight text that also exists in elsewhere in your text.

Right-Column Box

To create a right-hand box to draw attention to text requires HTML coding. The code in Plone looks like this:

<div class="right-column">



If you want a right-hand box but aren't sure about coding, contact the web team for help.

Right-Column Box (not in the drop-down menu)


These styles can be used together. If you create, for example, a right-column and you want to use headings and subheadings or add images you can.