Democratic Party City Action Fund

Financial information for Democratic Party City Action Fund, a 2013 measure finance committee.

Committee Description

Democratic Party City Action Fund – Support Democrat municipal candidates 2013; Oppose Republican municipal candidates 2013; Oppose potential ballot initiative that would limit/ban abortion in Albuquerque 2013.

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All Campaign Report Information - 2013

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Summary Campaign Reports

Candidates and committees must file Summary Campaign Finance Reports throughout the City election season.

Summary Campaign Finance Reports note all campaign donations and expenses.

Summary Campaign Disclosure StatementFormat
Summary Statement 2 (S2)
Due Aug. 15, 2013
Summary Statement 3 (S3)
Due Sept. 13, 2013
Summary Statement 4 (S4)
Due Sept. 27, 2013
Summary Statement 5 (S5)
Due Oct. 4, 2013
Summary Statement 6 (S6)
Due Oct. 7, 2013
Summary Statement 7 (S7)
Due Oct. 15, 2013
Summary Statement 8 (S8)
Due Nov. 22, 2013