Environmental Injustice

Trinity: Reflections on the Bomb, Environmental Injustice

Examples of environmental injustice litter the Nuclear Age. Environmental impacts have resulted from accidents. Others occurred because poor planning resulted in unforeseen consequences. Uranium mines often did not take into account the dangers of tailings piles and tailings ponds until disasters struck.

Health issues related to radiation often strike rural communities located close to nuclear tests or uranium mining operations. Companies mining uranium often disregarded safety regulations until it was too late for unprotected miners who developed cancers, lung disease, and other diseases.

These situations are examples of environmental injustice because poor communities in rural areas were the most vulnerable and the most affected by the fallout from nuclear industries and detonations.

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Michael P. Berman, White House 08F.255, 2008

Barbara Grothus, Cultural Palynology: 33 degree latitude (same Parallel), 2009-10

Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman, WIPP-ed (from the series Nuclear Waste(d)), 1989

Will Wilson, Mexican Hat Disposal Cell, Mexican Hat, Utah, 2019

Will Wilson, Auto Immune Response, Mexican Hat Disposal Cell, Mexican Hat, Utah (detail), 2019

Naomi Bebo, Beaded Mask, 2015