An Atomic View of the World

Trinity: Reflections on the Bomb, An Atomic View of the World

The war affected artists worldwide, and many responded with abstract images expressing angst and unsettled emotions. Artists in New Mexico could not escape the psychological impact of living at the heart of the Nuclear Age. Many Abstract Expressionist paintings are completely non-representational and emulated the fragmentation of the material world caused by nuclear detonations. Albuquerque artists produced exceptional Abstract Expressionist images in the post-war period that challenged the dominance of stereotyped images of New Mexico.

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Jack Garver, Untitled, 1950

Robert Walters, Wormwood from the series: Prints in the Desert, 1950

Alice Garver, Untitled, 1961

Enrique Montenegro, Reclining Nude, 1955

Elaine DeKooning, Juarez, 1959

Holly Roberts, Woman with Anxiety, 1988