Honored Citizen Discount

Questions and answers about the honored citizen discount.

Am I an Honored Citizen?

Yes, if you are:

  • 62 years of age or older.
  • A person with disabilities (Must be certified by a medical doctor on an Honored Citizen application issued by ABQ RIDE).
  • A Medicare card holder.

What does this mean?

You can ride ABQ RIDE for only $0.35 one way, or buy a discounted monthly pass. You must show a picture ID when boarding the bus or trolley to prove that you are an Honored Citizen, and your Medicare card if applicable.

Medicare cardholders also need an ABQ RIDE Honored Citizen ID or other picture ID.

Where can I get an Honored Citizen ID?

You can purchase an Honored Citizen ID from ABQ RIDE for a small fee, or use a NM State Drivers License or ID when boarding.

Persons with disabilities who do not have a valid ABQ RIDE ID card must pick up an application from ABQ RIDE and have it signed by their doctor before we issue an Honored Citizen ID. The Honored Citizen ID is good for up to one year, or for the duration of disability if it is temporary.

ABQ RIDE information is also available on audiocassette tape. Call ABQ RIDE Customer Service at 243-7433 (243-RIDE).

Download an Honored Citizen ID application form.

Descargue una solicitud de identificación ciudadana en Español (doc.)

Descargue una solicitud de identificación ciudadana en Español (pdf)