Frequently Asked Questions about ABQ RIDE's Ticket Vending Machines

Enjoy the most frequently asked questions about ABQ RIDE'S Ticket Kiosks.

FAQ: Ticket Vending Machines

What are ABQ RIDE's Ticket Vending Machines?

They are new, automatic vending machines that sell two types of full-fare passes.

Where are these Ticket Vending Machines located?

You can find them at two locations:

  • Northwest Transit Center at Ellison and Coors Bypass NW
  • Uptown Transit Center at Indiana & Uptown Boulevard NE

(A third location at Central and Unser Transit Center at Central & Unser SW is currently under repair)

What kinds of passes are sold by the Ticket Vending Machines?

Only adult, 3 Day and 31 Day passes are sold by the Ticket Vending Machines. Discounted passes still need to be purchased at ticket outlets.

How may I purchase these passes at the machine?

With all major Credit or Debit Cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

May I use cash at the machine instead of a Debit or Credit card to purchase these passes?

No. The Ticket Vending Machines only accept all major Credit or Debit Cards. They contain no cash.

Will I get a receipt for my transaction?

The ticket vending machine will issue a receipt along with your pass. The bus pass itself may also serve as a receipt for the transaction.

Can I show the Ticket Vending Machine my driver's license and receive a Senior or Student discount?

No. The machine can't read your driver's license or student ID card. And it only sells full-fare passes.

Will the Ticket Vending Machine automatically validate a pass?

Not automatically. Validation occurs either by inserting the pass into the Validator slot of the Ticket Vending Machine or by dipping the pass into the farebox on the bus.

If I buy a pass from these new Ticket Vending Machines and not use it immediately, will it be valid days later?

It will be, as long as you don't immediately validate the pass by inserting it into the Validator slot of the Ticket Vending Machine or by dipping it into the farebox on the bus. Once you validate it either of these two ways, the clock starts running on your pass.

Where else can I use the passes bought from an ABQ RIDE Ticket Vending Machine?

The passes from these machines work only with the fare boxes on ABQ RIDE buses.

What do I do if a pass gets jammed in the Vending Machine after I buy it or the Vending Machine charges my card, but doesn't give me a pass?

Call ABQ RIDE Customer Service at (505) 243-RIDE (7433) between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You will be asked for information on the sale (location of ticket machine, name and last four digits of your credit card number). They will then look online at the transaction to tell if there is any issue or jam. Customer Service may then issue a refund on your debit or credit card.

Why isn't there a Ticket Vending Machine at the Alvarado Transportation Center?

Because Customer Service representatives are there from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to sell all types of passes, including the 3 and 31 Day passes available at the Ticket Vending Machines.

Where else may I buy the different passes available for ABQ RIDE?

At the Alvarado Transportation Center at 100 1st SW, the Treasury Office at City Hall at 5th and Marquette or at participating Albertsons grocery stores.

May I still buy passes on an ABQ RIDE bus?

Yes, but only One Way ($1), All Day ($2) or 2 or 3-Day passes may be bought on the bus. And you must use cash and carry valid IDs for discounts.