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Health Care Provider Instructions

Dear Health Care Provider:

The Americans with Disabilities Act identify three categories of individuals who are eligible for complementary paratransit service.  These persons are considered “ADA Paratransit Eligible”.

  • Get to and from fixed-route stops or stations within the service area.
  • Use the fixed-route system because the bus route or rail station is not accessible.
  • Independently navigate the system.

Any individual is to be certified as ADA paratransit eligible if fixed route transit system cannot be used or navigated by that individual because of a disability. Persons are not to be qualified or disqualified on the basis of a specific diagnosis or disability.

The information requested from you on the following pages will allow ABQ RIDE to obtain the information necessary to establish eligibility of the applicant. Thank you for your assistance.

Furthur information may be obtained by calling 243-RIDE (V/TDD).

Questions and comments regarding Health Care Providers should be emailed to Sandra Saiz or mail in care of:

City of Albuquerque
ABQ RIDE/Paratransit
100 First SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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