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Volunteer to Test the New SunVan Application Process

Select volunteers will test our new application process.

Sun Van is testing the new Sun Van application process that will be fully implemented in October 2023. Each week, three to four volunteers will be randomly selected for the trial to test the new process and help make improvements before full implementation. If selected, we will help you every step of the way.

Differences Between the New Process & the Current Process


  • With the new process, some applicants will be offered a phone interview and some applicants will be offered an in-person interview.
  • With the current process all applicants must attend an in-person interview

Functional Assessment

  • With the new process, some of those selected for an in-person interview will also do a functional assessment of walking or rolling through a course. If you want to know more about functional assessments before deciding to volunteer, please call 505-724-3100

Application Format

  • With the new process, the application is in digital form and completed from a computer.
  • With the current process, the application is either available as a hard copy or a PDF that is downloaded and completed by hand then returned in person or by mail or filled on a computer and sent by email.

To request to volunteer to test the new process please enter your Name, email, and phone number below.

If you prefer to use the current application process, please download the application form.