Drivers Use Caution, Stay Out of the ART Lane, APD Will Start Ticketing

Despite several warnings, drivers continue crossing or driving in the ART Bus Only lane. While the orange cones protecting the ART Bus Only lanes have come down in the majority of the ART construction area, that does not mean it is okay for drivers to be in th ART Bus Only lanes. ART bus service has begun, and ART drivers are practicing throughout the corridor. Drivers that enter the ART Bus Only lanes risk colliding with an ART bus. APD has said they are patrolling the area more frequently and will ticket drivers caught in the ART Bus Only lanes.

Drivers must use extreme caution and NEVER enter the ART bus lane. Drivers also may not cross the ART Bus Only lane to make a left turn. The only legal left turns are at traffic signals. The ART bus lane is for ART buses and emergency vehicles only. Drivers who enter the ART lane will be ticketed.

Rumble strips have been placed on both sides of the ART bus lane to alert drivers if they accidentally enter the ART lane. Additionally, Bus Only decals have been placed throughout the ART corridor.

“This is a permanent change, so drivers must be aware of the change and pay attention as they drive on Central Avenue,” said Dayna Crawford, ART Project Manager. “We have been using the ART lane throughout the construction to keep traffic moving. But as we finish up the final phase of construction, the ART lane will be closed permanently for the driving public.”

All construction is weather permitting and is subject to change without notice. People can get additional information on ART at or by calling 505-398-4ART.