Albuquerque Rapid Transit FAQ’s-Updated 3.22.18

Question: The signal at (any intersection) is only allowing two to three cars to enter to make a left turn.


We are aware of people’s signal timing concerns. The traffic engineers are currently assessing the traffic patterns and making adjustments where applicable.  The traffic study will continue through the startup of the ART system and final adjustments will be made at that time.


Question: Since ART isn’t operational, can’t I turn into the Bus Only Lane?


No. It is illegal for a vehicle (other than an emergency vehicle or the ART bus) to be in the ART Bus Only lane.  You cannot cross the ART lanes to make a turn.

Delivery trucks cannot park in the ART lane.


Question: How do I make a left turn into the businesses and streets that don’t have a traffic signal?


The only legal left turns are at signalized intersections from Coors to Louisiana. To access a business or street fronted by an ART lane, you can go to the next signal and either make a legal U-Turn to come back to your desired location and then turn right OR, to get to your desired location, turn left at a signal and then turn right and right again to your desired location.


Question: When will ART construction be complete?


Minor construction punch list work and permanent striping will continue into late spring. Follow the traffic control signage and drive with extreme care throughout the ART corridor.


Question: When will ART start?


While construction will be done in late spring, we are still dealing with issues with the ART buses. At this time, we do not have a firm ART start date.