New ABQRIDE+ App Launches

ABQRIDE+ provides tools to make the most of Albuquerque's transit system.

The Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) team has launched a new app that is ready for download at both the iTunes store and the Google Play Store - search for ABQRide+. This next-generation mobile app offers a host of new and improved features for local transit riders, including intuitive trip planning, an online ticketing purchasing system, and integrated service options for booking rideshare trips. ABQRIDE+ also promotes local businesses and attractions located along ART service on Central to help the community to rediscover Central Avenue!

"With the launch of ABQ RIDE+ and ART getting ready to be operational, we are inviting everyone to rediscover Central Avenue and explore all the cultural gems, great shopping, something for every culinary palette and our amazing special events," said Mayor Richard J. Berry. "The ABQRIDE+ mobile app was developed by all local firms in conjunction with the City of Albuquerque team – a great public-private partnership."

The local developer team was from Pixegon and Mixonium, and Simply Design created the content to promote local business and attractions along the ART route.

"The City of Albuquerque and the Transit Department strive to work with area local businesses," Mayor Berry added. "We are blessed to have so much local talent, and this app is a testimony to the great minds we have in our own back yard."

Future updates for the ABQRIDE+ app include expanded rideshare options, additional personalized preferences for routes and stations, and integration with other area transit offerings such as the New Mexico Rail Runner.

Learn more about the ABQRIDE+.