ABQ RIDE Upgrading its ABQRIDE+ App

Upgrade Adds New Feature to Same Great Features of Older ABQ RIDE App

For seven years, the ABQ RIDE app has been making it easier for riders to take ABQ RIDE to work, school, or entertainment. In keeping with advances in technology, ABQ RIDE is making upgrades to make the experience easier and more helpful than ever. The new app, ABQRIDE+, is available for download from app stores now.

The ABQRIDE+ app always has offered some of the same great features as the older ABQ RIDE app. But now, it also offers a link for the latest events in the city.

Here are some of the features the upgraded ABQRIDE+ app is providing:

  • Real time location of buses; telling you where your bus is within about 30 seconds’ accuracy.
  • Bus stop information; indicating the unique number of your stop and the next scheduled departures for that stop
  • A link to pdfs of ABQ RIDE bus schedules
  • Trip Planning
  • A link to ABQ RIDE’s mobile ticketing app, ABQRIDEtix
  • Notifications, to warn you of detours, delays or interruptions in service
  • A Spanish language option (If your smartphone’s default language is set to Spanish, the new app automatically translates.)

The ABQRIDE+ app now also has a link called “News and Events” which will connect you to the website of Visit Albuquerque. There, you can find events of interest in the area for the coming days and weeks.

 “As technology is ever evolving, we want to make sure that we provide our riders with the best information available. We know this upgrade will make it easier for residents and visitors alike to access information and use public transportation,” said Danny Holcomb, Transit Director.

To get a free download of the ABQ RIDE+ app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go to the Apple App store ((, search for ABQRIDE+, and when the app appears, hit the Install button. Or you can go Google Play ( to download the free app for Android phones. You can also get more information about this and other ABQ RIDE applications at

The ABQ RIDE+ app was developed by Pixegon, a mobile application development studio based in Albuquerque.

The original ABQ RIDE app will still be available for riders until February.