ABQ RIDE Services Free on Earth Day

Free fares on Buses and Sun Vans on April 22 in Celebration of Earth Day

It won’t cost you anything to ride ABQ RIDE’s fixed route buses and Sun Vans on Thursday, April 22, 2021. Service will be free all day to encourage riders to take transit, a more environmentally conscious alternative to personal vehicles.

Earth Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1970, when millions of people first marched to protest the increasing pollution of our planet. It has grown into a global event with more than a billion people participating in almost 200 countries.

“Our city’s transit system is effective, efficient, and provides an easy opportunity for Burqueños to practice more sustainable habits, while also saving themselves money on gas and vehicle expenses,” said Danny Holcomb, Transit Director. “We’re happy to offer free fares on all our services again this year on Earth Day, as a continued effort to showcase the positive impacts that transit has both on the personal and collective levels. This is a great time to try out ABQ RIDE at no cost and explore how transit could improve your daily routine.”

Using public transportation produces significantly less pollution than single occupancy vehicles, cuts down wear and tear on personal vehicles, and aides in relieving traffic and parking congestion. Furthermore, transit helps commuters avoid the stress of driving, allowing riders to relax on the way to their destination.


ABQ RIDE is Albuquerque‘s principal form of public transportation, logging an average of 120,000 passenger miles on its busses each day.