ABQ RIDE Modifying Service to Protect Public Health, Meet Needs of Riders

Changes Effective Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020

ABQ RIDE is modifying its schedules due to the impact of COVID-19 and the State’s most recent Public Health Order. 

With the recent surge in cases, on Saturday, November 21, many routes will shift to a modified Saturday schedule to accommodate rider needs while also safeguarding public health. Sun Van service will continue to operate its normal hours.   

“In order to comply with the Governor’s mandate, we are returning to more of a modified Saturday service. In addition, we will modify some service for specific routes on weekdays and weekends,” said Danny Holcomb, Transit Director.

Keeping the bus system open ensures mobility throughout the City for those who need it with a minimum number of drivers and other transit employees required, in keeping with the State’s Stay at Home Advisory. Starting November 21 and until further notice, the following weekday routes will operate a modified Saturday schedule.  Any differences from regular Saturday schedules are noted in italics:

  • #1-Juan Tabo (earlier start)
  • #2-Eubank (earlier end)
  • #5-Montgomery/Carlisle (earlier start and later end)
  • #8 Menaul (weekday route; earlier start, later end)
  • #11-Lomas (earlier start and later end)
  • #16-Broadway/University/Gibson
  • #31-Wyoming (earlier start)
  • #37-Rio Grande /12th (modified schedule)
  • #54-Bridge/Westgate (later start, earlier end)
  • #141-San Mateo (more frequent and earlier start)
  • #155-Coors (earlier start)
  • #157-Montaño/Uptown/Golf Course (earlier start, later end)

Weekday route shortened:

  • #50-Airport/Downtown (Yale): no service on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.; 30 minute service on Yale.

Weekday route less frequent:

  • #198-98th/Dennis Chavez

Routes with the current weekday frequency, but with slightly reduced start/end times:

  • #10-North 4th St.
  • #51-Atrisco/Rio Bravo
  • #53-Isleta
  • #790-ARTx Blue Line

No service on the following weekday routes:

  • #36-12th/ Rio Grande
  • #97-Zuni
  • #140-San Mateo/Jefferson (but more frequent service on the #141-San Mateo)


Routes starting later start and/or earlier end than usual Saturday schedules:

  • #2-Eubank
  • #10-North 4th St.
  • #16-Broadway/University/Gibson
  • #37-Rio Grande/12th (running instead of #36 due to construction along the route)
  • #51-Atrisco/Rio bravo
  • #53-Isleta
  • #54-Bridge/Westgate
  • #66-Central
  • #155-Coors
  • #790-ARTx Blue Line

Saturday route shortened:

  • #50- Airport-Downtown (Yale):  no service on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.; 30 minute service on Yale.

Saturday route less frequent:

  • #198-98th St./Dennis Chavez


Route shortened:

  • #50-Airport-Downtown (Yale):  no service on MLK Jr. Blvd.; 30 min. service on Yale.

Less frequent than usual Sunday schedules:

  • #66-Central (early AM only)
  • #198-98th/Dennis Chavez

These commuter routes and routes serving the New Mexico Rail Runner remain temporarily suspended:

  • #6-Indian School Commuter
  • #7-Candelaria Commuter
  • #12-Constitution Commuter
  • #13-Comanche Commuter
  • #34-San Pedro Commuter
  • #92-Taylor Ranch Express
  • #93-Academy Commuter
  • #94-Unser Commuter
  • #96-Crosstown Commuter
  • #98-Wyoming Commuter
  • #162-Ventana Ranch Commuter
  • #217-Downtown/KAFB Limited
  • #222-Rio Bravo/Sunport
  • #250-Free Downtown/Sunport Nonstop Express
  • #251-ABQ-Rio Rancho/Rail Runner Connection
  • #551-Jefferson/Paseo del Norte Express

Saturday service also means the only route going onto Kirtland Air Force Base continues to be the #157-Montaño/Uptown/Kirtland. The first trip will arrive on base at 8:31a.m. The last trip leaving Kirtland on the #157 will be at 4:59 p.m.

ABQ RIDE buses are still being cleaned and sanitized overnight with additional temporary staff. And both fixed route and Sun Van buses are still receiving a nightly disinfecting fog treatment.

The Alvarado Transportation Center’s customer service windows are closed through November 30, but riders can still buy passes on buses, Sun Vans, ticket vending machines on the ART platforms and Transit Centers or at local Albertsons stores.