ABQ RIDE Announces Adopt-A-Stop Program

ABQ RIDE’s Adopt-A-Stop is a volunteer program that will enable individuals and organizations to maintain ABQ RIDE bus stops. It promotes ridership, community pride and stewardship. ABQ Ride is seeking volunteers for a six month pilot program to perform routine cleaning such as litter and graffiti removal at a bus stop of their choosing. If you do not have a bus stop (or multiple stops) already in mind, ABQ RIDE personnel will assist you with matching your preferences to an available location in need of your time and efforts.

In recognition for your efforts, ABQ RIDE will place a sign or vinyl decal at the stop stating the volunteer’s sponsorship of that location. ABQ RIDE may also offer other forms of recognition, such as a picture of you at the stop posted to ABQ RIDE’s Facebook page and a bus pass for the duration of the six month pilot program. Anyone who wishes to remain anonymous my do so.

For consideration as a participant in the ABQ RIDE Adopt-A-Stop program, please email your contact information to:

Dwayne Baker, ABQ RIDE at [email protected]


Or you can write in at:

Dwayne Baker

ABQ RIDE/City of Albuquerque

P.O. Box 1293

Albuquerque, NM 87103


For further questions, please call us at (505) 724-3126.

Thank you for your interest in ABQ RIDE’s Adopt-A-Stop program!