2021 Electric Bus Wrap Contest

2021 Electric Bus Wrap Contest.

2021 Electric Bus Wrap Contest

What should an electric bus look like?

Does it look futuristic? Does it have themes about energy use and conservation? Does it have a picture of the discovery of electricity? Is it covered with robots and roses? Who knows? We want to see what you would say with a bus as your canvas.

­­Submission Instructions and Contest Rules

The contest will run from June 15, 2021 to July 15, 2021 with a 2-day grace period.

This contest is for youth only.  Prizes will be awarded in the following categories so make sure you include your age on your submission!



Under 10



The top 6 finalists (two from each category) will receive cash prizes of $400 each and one overall winner will receive $500.

After you create your bus wrap, make sure you write your name, age, and fill out the guardian / parent information. Only one entry allowed per contestant so give us your best work!

You can download a template of the bus here: 
Submit a digital entry of your final piece by taking hi-resolution picture with a camera, smart phone or scanner.

If you don’t have a printer you can pick up a paper copy at any local library.

Remember, when you finish your submission, you must submit a digital entry. No paper entries will be accepted due to COVID-19. All entries must be digital.


Shrinking the Carbon Footprint

Albuquerque Protects the Environment

My Favorite Green Energy

Electrical Power Protects the Flowers

Environmental Consciousness

Contest rules

  • No adult themes or nudity
  • No photo illustrations containing trademarked art work
  • No trademarked logos
  • All artwork must be original and produced completely by the submitting entity
  • Is false, misleading, or deceptive
  • Relates to an illegal or unlawful activity
  • Depicts alcohol or tobacco products
  • Depicts images or language related to medical cannabis, THC or CBD, is prohibited by federal law, despite the State of New Mexico’s medical cannabis laws and regulations which provide limited license for distribution and patient use
  • Depicts violence and/or anti-social behavior
  • Includes language which is obscene, vulgar, profane and scatological
  • Comply with all Federal, State and local laws, regulations and ordinances
  • Be of moral and reputable character
  • Be free of any direct or indirect meaning which is derogatory to, or an exploitive representation or portrayal of, any person or group of persons
  • Be unlikely, in the light of prevailing community standards, to cause offense or create controversy
  • Be in good taste, observe all copyright requirements, and conform to community standards
  • No political, politically related references or religious advertisements will be accepted


ABQRIDE reserves the right to digitally alter the winning submissions to format for printing and conforming the shape, style and substrate used to cover the electrical bus fleet.  All winning submissions may be used whole or in parts to create the final bus designs.  Prizes are not compensation for work, or purchase of submissions, they are prizes for being a finalist in the contest

Artwork will be panel judged and the winning submissions will be offered to Transit and City of Albuquerque as prospective artwork for the electric bus fleet.

Please submit entries and direct any questions to [email protected].