Sustainability Projects

Information about sustainability projects led by the City of Albuquerque.

As a winner of the American Climate Cities Challenge, Mayor Keller has committed to six projects that will contribute to an estimated total of 40 million metric tons of carbon emissions reductions across all 25 winning cities. Our current projects focus on reducing building energy consumption, using 100 percent renewable energy for municipal operations, and transitioning gas-powered city vehicles to alternative fuel vehicles, including electric, hybrid, and low emission fuels like condensed natural gas (CNG).

Read more about deliverables and other projects with the links below. See where projects are going up across the city on our sustainability map.

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Mayor Keller has committed to using 100 percent renewable energy for all municipal operations. With 10.4 MW onsite solar installed or planned for City buildings, and the recently announced 25 MW Solar Direct project, Albuquerque is on track to be one of the top ten U.S. cities powered by renewable energy.

By 2021, 65 percent of municipal operations will be powered by clean energy, and as we continue to develop our roadmap to 100%, the City of Albuquerque will serve as example for other cities looking to green their municipal operations. Completed city solar projects to date are listed below, updates will be shared monthly.

View of top of solar panels on Civic Plaza
  • Alamosa Multigenerational Center
  • Albuquerque Museum
  • Albuquerque Police Academy
  • APD Forensic Lab
  • Barelas Senior Center
  • BioPark
  • CASA Kitchen
  • Central Unser Library
  • Cherry Hills Library
  • Fire Station 11
  • Fire Station 18
  • Fire Station 2
  • Fire Station 21
  • Fire Station 5
  • Fire Station 7
  • Fire Station 8
  • Ladera Golf Course
  • Los Greigos Community Center
  • North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center
  • Pino Yards


Across the nation, gasoline-powered vehicles are recognized as a primary source of greenhouse emissions. In the Albuquerque area, vehicles are the largest contributor of hazardous air pollutants and emit carbon monoxide that forms ground level ozone. These pollutants can cause lung damage and heart disease, shortening human lifespans. Recognizing the important of reducing vehicle emissions, the City has taken steps to convert to both heavy and light duty vehicles to cleaner burning fuels and electric vehicles. Read more about current transportation projects below.

Green Sticker Program

If your vehicle produces low or no emissions, you might qualify for some low-cost down town parking! The Green vehicle parking program offers parking at any meter within the city for two hours for the low cost of $29 annually. To qualify, visit the green parking web page to learn your vehicle’s greenhouse gas score and apply for a permit. If your vehicle meets the conditions of the greenhouse score, the City will issue you a sticker giving you access to meters for 2 hours a day with no additional charge.

Fleet Electrification

The City of Albuquerque will reach its goal of converting 63 percent of its eligible, light-duty fleet vehicles to electric and hybrid by the end of 2020. In September, Mayor Keller announced the City will purchase 50 hybrid and electric vehicles by the end of 2020 while continuing to pursue opportunities to bring on electric and alternative fuel heavy duty vehicles and buses.

By electrifying and reducing the emissions of the City’s fleet, the City will save taxpayer money on fuel and maintenance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve air quality by cutting down on NOx and SOx. As part of the Climate Mayor’s Electric Vehicle Collaborative, the City gets the best deals on hybrid and electric vehicles while sharing best practices across the country.

Public EV Charging

The City of Albuquerque’s sustainability plans extend beyond City Hall to making sure everyone feels the benefits of a cleaner, greener city. That is why we have committed to installing 10 to 15 electric vehicle charging stations. Working with The Nature Conservancy, CABQ commissioned a siting location study to help us figure out where stations would have the most benefit, particularly in neighborhoods with the greatest need. We are finalizing those locations and will be sharing results in early 2020.


Everyday, when we turn our lights on, heat up our stoves, or use the AC, these actions use energy that produces greenhouse gas emissions. Making sure that our lights and buildings use energy as efficiently as possible goes a long way in saving dollars and reducing our environmental impact. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency projects that commercial and residential building energy use, along with power generation makes up as much as 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

To learn more about what you can do in your home or business to become more energy efficiency check out

Mayor’s Energy Challenge

The City of Albuquerque is working to develop a private sector challenge with a focus on small businesses to provide technical assistance to reduce energy consumption and save money. We have the goal of recruiting 40 participants to commit to reducing energy consumption by 20 percent in the next 5 years, if your business is interested in participating, let us know!

Deep Energy Efficiency Retrofits of Public Buildings

Even with 3 percent of the City’s Capital Improvement funding going to energy efficiency upgrades each year, the City of Albuquerque has an annual energy bill of approximately $14 million. That is why the City is continuing to build on its ongoing facility upgrade work with a goal of reducing energy consumption by 65 percent. Below are the current energy efficiency projects, we estimate these projects will result in an annual cost savings of $383,074.00 and is equivalent to eliminating 579 metric tons of carbon dioxide or 632,730 pounds of coal burned (annually).

Project Completion Date Energy Use Reduction
Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center Completed June 2019 55%
North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center Completed September 2019 77%
Lomas and Tramway Library Completed August 2019 84%
Kimo Theater Estimated November 2019 90%
Pino Yard Buildings Estimated December 2019 64%

LEED for Cities

In May 2019, the City of Albuquerque was awarded a grant from the U.S. Green Building Council valued at $25,000 to support community-wide Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The LEED certification program is the leading international achievement for sustainable facility design and demonstrates Albuquerque’s commitment to environmentally responsible building practices.

The LEED certification process helps local governments develop a framework and develop plans for a wide variety of citywide factors, including green infrastructure, public health, energy, water, waste, social equity, transportation and others. Efforts towards certification are currently underway, and once completed, Albuquerque will join over 90 LEED certified cities throughout the world. Read more about LEED for Cities Certification.