CAP Public Comment

Information about the City of Albuquerque’s Climate Action Plan Public Comment.

Over the last five months, task force members held a series of virtual public meetings facilitated and documented by New Mexico First staff. In these meetings, task force members further learned the nuances of Albuquerque’s climate crisis and drew on community expertise to set the City’s new climate policies. Each meeting was organized to reflect public priorities lifted from July’s Climate Survey and additional topics recommended by the task force. The final topic areas include:

  • Waste
  • Transportation
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Renewable Energy
  • Climate Conscious Neighborhoods
  • Governance and Economic Development

Throughout these deliberations, task force members consulted with technical advisors and provided policy recommendations that prioritize

Now, the task force is asking you to give your public comment in the following ways:

  1. By completing the Task Force Recommendation Survey (and/or)
  2. By attending a public comment meeting

In the survey, participants will prioritize task force strategies and have the opportunity to provide general written feedback. This survey will be available from February 8th until February 26th 2021.

Take the Survey in English or Spanish

Take the CAP Survey

Take the CAP Survey Spanish

The virtual public comment meetings will provide participants the opportunity for more in-depth feedback. The anticipated format of these meetings includes a brief introduction and a series of “breakout rooms” where participants focus on specific topic areas to provide in-depth feedback. You will need to register. The registration page will go live on February 8th and will close at 5 p.m. prior to the selected public comment meeting. The two public comment meetings will be hosted via Zoom webinar on:

  • Wednesday, February 17, 2021 from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM.
  • Thursday, February 18. 2021 from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

Register in English or Spanish

Register for the CAP public comment meeting

Register for the CAP public comment meeting

Before attending, it is recommended that participants take the following actions:

Ver estos documentos en español:

Next Steps

Once public comment is complete, New Mexico First will compile all public feedback and present it to the task force in the March 9th meeting. At this meeting, the task force will incorporate public feedback into the final recommendations. On March 16th the task force will complete final edits and assign metrics to each policy. Both meetings are public. For more information, click here.

Throughout March, staff will complete the final iteration of the plan. Drafting will occur between now and early April for the anticipated release date of Earth Day, April 22nd, 2021.