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Age-Friendly Family Action Plan

Find out how your family can participate in the Age-Friendly Albuquerque Initiative.

Age-Friendly Albuquerque invites Albuquerque families and households to create their very own Age-Friendly Family Action Plan. These family action plans are a great way for parents, guardians, young children and teenagers to get involved in Age-Friendly Albuquerque.

Click here to download the Age-Friendly Albuquerque Family Action Plan

What is Age-Friendly Albuquerque?

Age-Friendly Albuquerque is a local initiative to get Albuquerque designated as an age-friendly city by AARP and The World Health Organization (WHO). Age-friendly cities are livable and thriving communities that improve the lives of all. The WHO and AARP created the Age-Friendly Livability Domains, standards to help communities grow in age-friendly practices. The City of Albuquerque is committed to grow in these livability standards.

Eight Age-Friendly Livability Domains

  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings: Safe and accessible parks and buildings that allow for engaged and active living
  • Transportation: Reliable and affordable transit options that connect people to their community
  • Housing: Sufficient, affordable and safe housing near community spaces and resources
  • Social Participation: Community and social events that engage all ages
  • Respect and Social Inclusion: People of all ages are made to feel welcome and important
  • Civic Participation and Employment: Employment, entrepreneurship and volunteer options for all ages
  • Communication and Information: Regular and accessible information spread through diverse print and digital media
  • Community and Health Services: Accessible health and wellness resources that come from the community

What is the Age-Friendly Family Action Plan?

The Age-Friendly Family Action Plan lists simple practices or actions you can take as a family to make your home, neighborhood and/or community a better place for people of all ages using the 8 Age-Friendly Livability Domains. Examples of age-friendly actions are:

  • Helping an older neighbor with yardwork
  • Inviting a new kid in the neighborhood to play
  • Keeping your sidewalks clean and clear

How do we create an Age-Friendly Action Plan for our family and household?

Parents and guardians are invited to fill out the this Family Action Plan worksheet with their children. Be sure to share your action plan with Age-Friendly Albuquerque so it can be included in the application to the WHO and AARP. You can email your plan to [email protected] or mail it to Age-Friendly ABQ c/o Dept. of Senior Affairs, 714 7th St SW, Albuquerque, NM, 87102.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting initiative!