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Age-Friendly Albuquerque Coloring Sheet

A coloring sheet for parents to help their kids envision an age-friendly future in Albuquerque.

Age-Friendly Albuquerque invites parents, guardians and children to share their age-friendly ideas.

Click here to download the Age-Friendly Albuquerque Coloring Sheet

Age-Friendly Albuquerque

Age-Friendly Albuquerque is a local program to get Albuquerque recognized as an age-friendly city by AARP and The World Health Organization (WHO). Age-friendly cities are livable and thriving communities that improve the lives of all. The WHO and AARP created the Age-Friendly Livability Domains, standards to help communities grow in age-friendly practices. The City of Albuquerque is committed to grow in the following age-friendly livability domains: 

  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings: Safe and accessible parks and buildings that allow for engaged and active living
  • Transportation: Reliable and affordable transit options that connect people to their community
  • Housing: Sufficient, affordable and safe housing near community spaces and resources
  • Social Participation: Community and social events that engage all ages
  • Respect and Social Inclusion: People of all ages are made to feel welcome and important
  • Civic Participation and Employment: Employment, entrepreneurship and volunteer options for all ages
  • Communication and Information: Regular and accessible information spread through diverse print and digital media
  • Community and Health Services: Accessible health and wellness resources that come from the community

Age-Friendly ABQ coloring sheet

The Age-Friendly ABQ coloring sheet is a great activity parents and guardians can do with young children to teach them about age-friendly communities. Also, these coloring sheets are a fun and creative way the youngest residents of our City can share their ideas with the Age-Friendly Albuquerque initiative.

This sheet asks young children talk to parents and/or guardians about age-friendly and to draw a picture of what they think an age-friendly community looks like.

There are many ways you can help children understand what age-friendly means. For example, here are some descriptions of the Livability domains that may be appropriate for small children:

  • Transportation -  Safe ways to walk, ride and get around our neighborhoods and city
  • Respect and Belonging - People of all ages are treated nicely

Parents and guardians are invited to have their children color this sheet. Be sure to share the coloring page with Age-Friendly Albuquerque if you want it to be included in the application to the WHO and AARP. You can email a picture of the sheet to [email protected] or mail the sheet to: Age-Friendly ABQ c/o Dept. of Senior Affairs, 714 7th St SW, Albuquerque, NM, 87102.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting initiative!