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ABC-Z Project

A Comprehensive Plan Update and New Integrated Development Ordinance.

The ABC-Z Project is an ambitious initiative to update the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan and create an Integrated Development Ordinance.

The project will simplify the zoning and subdivision regulations in order to improve economic development, protect established neighborhoods and special places, streamline the development review/approval process and promote more sustainable development.


ABC Comprehensive Plan Gets Adopted

The update to the City/County Comprehensive Plan was approved by the City Council on Monday, March 20 in a 6-2 Vote.

IDO Adopted by City Council and Signed by Mayor

The City Council adopted the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO) on November 13, 2017 via Ordinance 49-2017. Then-Mayor Berry signed it on Nov. 16, and the City Clerk enacted it on Nov. 17.

The IDO will go into effect May 17, 2018, six months from the enactment date.

IDO 6-Month Amendments

As planned, the project team submitted to City Council the errors and omissions discovered by staff and stakeholders during training sessions in December through February as well as those submitted by the public based on further review of the IDO.

The amendments were considered by the Land Use, Planning, and Zoning Committee and adopted by the full City Council on April 2, 2018 via Ordinance 11-2018, with 13 Exhibits.

A final set of amendments were introduced on April 16 adopted on May 7, 2018 via Ordinance 15-2018, with 1 Exhibit.

Thank you to all the residents and other stakeholders for helping to improve the IDO!

Community Trainings on IDO

Mayor Tim Keller and the City of Albuquerque are committed to helping the community learn more about the new land use, zoning, and planning regulations that are part of the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO). It is important to know how to use the new regulations and how they may impact your property or your part of town.

Read the full draft or learn more about the IDO.

Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable planners conducted trainings to answer frequently asked questions about the three main content chapters of the IDO. Presentations, handouts, and video are available on the project website.

IDO Topic: