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Park Pop-Up

Formally known as "Neighborhood Park Activate"

Community Events in ParksThe Parks and Recreation Department has partnered with other City departments to launch the Park Pop-Up Program, previously known as the "Neighborhood Park Activation Program." The Park Pop-Up Program invites neighborhood groups, associations, non-profits, and educational institutions to initiate community-led recreational, arts, culture, and educational programming in City parks.

Under the Park Pop-Up program, the City's Parks & Recreation Department will support organizers who offer a solid plan for small-medium sized, free public programs in a City park; such as a community picnic, performing arts event, sport/recreation day, movie night, or other art/cultural events. Organizations can apply for a sponsorship to enhance existing programs or events or to help launch new opportunities.

Parks and Recreation Department is accepting applications for the summer 2024 season.


The City requests a lead time of at least 60 days prior to an event for project review and planning.

The following parks are already activated and will not qualify for this program:

  • Hyder Park
  • Mariposa Basin Park
  • North Domingo Baca Park
  • Tiguex Park
  • Ventana Ranch Park

The logo for the Park Pop-up initiative. It has the text "park pop-up" in fun, bright yellow lettering outlined in black. Above it in a comic book style explosion bubble are icons making up a typical park, including a slide, a tree, and a bike. The explosion bubble is surrounded by stylized 5-pointed stars in the same bright yellow. At the bottom of the logo are five icons featuring different ideas for park pop-up events like music, food, reading, art, and sports.