(Memorial) Tribute Tree Program

Tribute Tree Information

Contact City Forrester: 505-857-8650

A memorial tree can be a living remembrance of a loved one or a celebration of a happy event.


A Living Remembrance

A tribute tree can be a living remembrance of a loved one or a celebration of a happy event. It also provides a sense of belonging and community.

Trees improve the quality of life for the community and the City of Albuquerque as a whole, providing a benefit and enjoyment to people who use our parks. In addition, trees are a growing and living symbol for the individuals they represent. A tribute tree is a wonderful honor for individuals or organizations to make in someone's name; it is a gift that keeps on growing.

Park Management provides the trees at a cost of $500 and will install, water, and maintain the trees.

Who Does the Planting?

The Park Management Division has a staff of Forestry employees who are responsible for all tree plantings for the City of Albuquerque. After planting, the City takes care of watering, pruning and other maintenance.

Trees Planting Season

Trees can be planted during the planting season beginning in late autumn until the weather becomes warm.


Full: We provide the tree, the bronze plaque, and installation. Cost: $500


Plaque Only: Adopt a tree already in a park.  We install a bronze plaque at an existing young tree growing in one of our parks and make arrangements to have the plaque made and installed.  Cost: $180


Tree Specifics

The trees are typically 12 - 14 ft. tall. Conifer species will be approximately 5-7 ft. tall

A representative from Park Management Division will select an appropriate species and location for the tree

Celebration Events

Families are invited to hold celebrations post-planting of the tree. Gatherings are the responsibility of the interested party.

Parks NOT eligible for planting of Memorial Trees

  • Robinson Park
  • Bel-Air Park
  • High Desert Park
  • Baatan Park
  • Roosevelt Park
  • NM Veterans Park
  • Spruce Park
  • Summit Park
  • Altura Park
  • Piedra Lisa Park
  • Mitchell Elementary Park
  • Fox Memorial Park
  • Hyder Park
  • McDuffie Park
  • others may apply

Tribute Tree Photos

Snow Park Tribute Tree (east)

In Memory of Emory Earl 1916-1989 and Virginia Lee Davis 1918-2003

A true gentleman and a virtuous woman

Lat: 35.1030946 (35degrees,6’11.1420)

Long: -106.5388941 (-106degrees32’20.0178)

Snow Park Tribute Tree (West)

In Memory of Millard Hamilton "Johnny" 1909-1982 and Velma Jane Davis 1923-2001


Soldier WWII, Omaha Beach and WWII Bomb Girl

Lat: 35.10311185 (35degrees6’11.2278)

Long: -106.5388058 (-106degrees32’19.7010)