Protests & Demonstrations

Information on organizing a protest in Albuquerque.

The City of Albuquerque is committed to protecting the civil rights of all people, including the First Amendment right to protest. We oppose any targeting of peaceful protesters, people of color or immigrants. Our Office of Equity & Inclusion is committed to being in dialogue with community members who are practicing their First Amendment rights, which includes the right to assemble and to free speech. In addition to protecting rights and safety, our goal is equity across all indicators of health and well-being. We stand ready to help facilitate communication, including connecting protest organizers with information about COVID-19 safe practices, gun laws, and information about arranging traffic control and street closures to help keep protesters safe. 

Permits are not required for protests. If you are organizing a protest or demonstration or wish to get information about protesting in the City of Albuquerque, call 505-269-5927.

COVID-19 Safe Practices 

To ensure all participants stay safe, please refer to State Public Health Orders.

  • Individuals are required to wear a face covering or mask in public spaces except when eating, drinking or swimming, or unless otherwise advised by a health care provider.
  • Maintain a 6-foot distance from others.
  • Protect vulnerable populations by finding ways to connect without face-to-face contact.

Albuquerque Police Department Services 

APD is available to offer services for protests and demonstrations, such as traffic control and street closures. For assistance and questions please call 505-768-2595. 

APD is taking steps to enforce our City’s gun ban consistently.

APD put in a new process on July 31, 2020 in anticipation of protests at Civic Plaza and other parks.

In an effort to ensure that the ban on guns and other deadly weapons will be enforced consistently, the Albuquerque Police Department announced the following standardized process that it and and other city departments will use to inform individuals of the prohibition.

In addition to new signage about the ban at Civic Plaza, officers will take the following steps when they encounter an armed individual:

  • Inform the individual of the ban on guns at Civic Plaza using standardized instructions that apply to everyone.
  • The initial contact will serve as a public safety order to remove the firearm from Civic Plaza, or to leave the premises with the firearm.
  • Explain that if individual continues to possess a deadly weapon at the location, the individual may be cited or arrested, and the deadly weapon may be seized.
  • Identify available exit routes and explain that the individual has a reasonable amount of time (no less than 10 minutes) to comply with the order.
  • Following 2 warnings, the officer will take police action to include arrest.

The same process will be used by APD and the City of Albuquerque’s Security Division to enforce the ban on deadly weapons at city parks, community centers, senior centers, multigenerational centers or health and social service centers.

The Administration Instructions with the policies banning guns are attached