Commission on American Indian and Alaska Native Affairs

Meeting minutes and agendas for the Commission on American Indian and Alaska Native Affairs.

Commission Members

  1. Education Rep.: Dr. Lloyd L Lee
  2. Health Rep.: Ms. Rebecca Riley
  3. Workforce/Employment Rep.: Ms. Kim Benally
  4. Environment Rep: Vacant
  5. Government Rep.: Ms. Brittany Schulman
  6. Culture Rep.: Mr. Lorenzo Jim
  7. At-Large: Dr. Maggie George
  8. At-Large: Ms. Kimberly Gleason
  9. At-Large: Mr. Kyle J. Tapaha
  10. Sandia Pueblo: Vacant
  11. Isleta Pueblo: Denise Zuni
  12. Santa Ana Pueblo: Vacant
  13. Laguna Pueblo: Thelma Antonio
  14. To'hajiilee Chapter of Navajo Nation: Jaqueline Platero
  15. All Pueblo Council of Governors: Alicia Ortega

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About the Commission

The City of Albuquerque acknowledges and affirms tribal sovereignty and self-determination for tribal governments. It is the purpose of §§ 2-6-6-1 et seq., to recognize and formalize the government-to-government relationship between the City of Albuquerque and its adjacent tribal communities and to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of its citizenry through the creation of a Commission on American Indian and Alaska Native Affairs. The Commission serves as the forum for government-to-government relations and as an advocate for American Indian/Alaska Native affairs within the City of Albuquerque and the surrounding area, including, but not limited to, matters of employment, education, economy, health, environment, homelessness, government, and access to services in the City.

The Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Council, shall appoint nine (9) members of the Commission. The Mayor shall endeavor to appoint one (1) member representing each of the following sectors of the City: education, health, workforce/employment, environment, government and culture. The remaining three (3) positions shall be at-large positions. If a representative from a sector cannot be identified, then a member shall be appointed from the broadest base of the community at large.

The Commission may create advisory sub-committees from the community to provide input to the Commission to ensure that their issues are being addressed.

Recognizing the sovereignty and self-determination of the adjacent tribal nations, the Commission shall also include one (1) member from each of the following: Sandia Pueblo, Isleta Pueblo, Santa Ana Pueblo, Laguna Pueblo, the To’hajiilee chapter of the Navajo Nation, and the All Pueblo Council of Governors, each of whom shall be chosen by the Pueblo, Chapter, or Council and not subject to appointment by the Mayor or the advice and consent of Council. The Mayor may choose to have any one or more of the tribally-selected members serve in a dual role as one of the Mayor's nine appointments.

The term of office of each member of the Commission shall be three years from the date of appointment.

The Commission will interact, collaborate, and engage with the City Native American Liaison on a continuous basis to ensure American Indian/Alaska Native concerns, challenges, and resolutions are being advocated and implemented.

The Board shall:

  1. Consult with tribal governments prior to taking actions that affect federally recognized tribal governments and shall assess the impact of City programs on tribal communities.
  2. Take appropriate steps to remove impediments to working directly and effectively with tribal governments.
  3. Bring American Indian/Alaska Native concerns to the City's attention by educating the City on the challenges, concerns, and resolutions of American Indian/Alaska Native citizens of Albuquerque; and by evaluating the social, economic, environmental, health, educational, and governmental challenges affecting American Indian/Alaska Native peoples.
  4. Encourage employment opportunities of Indians in the City's public and private sectors.
  5. Work with the American Indian/Alaska Native community to increase awareness of and access to services and programs in the City of Albuquerque; and advise the Mayor regarding the number of American Indian/Alaska Native citizens accessing City services.
  6. Support economic development for Indian entrepreneurs.
  7. Make recommendations to the Mayor for placement of American Indian/Alaska Natives on City boards, committees, and commissions.
  8. Provide an opportunity for the presentation and exchange of ideas in respect to American Indian/Alaska Native affairs of the City by all interested persons.
  9. Submit annually a written report of its activities and an evaluation of the effectiveness of §§ 2-6-6-1 et seq. to the Mayor and the City Council with recommendations for changes.

Commission Meeting Information

For more information about the Commission on American Indian and Alaska Native Affairs, call Terry Sloan at (505) 768-3041.

View commission establishing ordinance.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas


  • Friday, Jan. 15, 2021 | Agenda


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  • Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017 | Agenda
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 | Agenda
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017 | Agenda
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017 | Agenda


  • Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 | Agenda

Commission Member Bios

  • Lloyd Lee is an Associate Professor of Native American Studies at the University of New Mexico. He is also the Director of the Institute for American Indian Research housed in the College of Arts & Sciences and President of the Board for the American Indian Studies Association. Dr. Lee is the author of the book Dine Masculinities: Conceptualizations and Reflections. He also edited the book "Dine Perspectives: Reclaiming and Revitalizing Navajo Thought." Dr. Lee grew up in Albuquerque and has lived here for over 30 years.
  • Alicia Ortega is the Executive Director of the All Pueblo Council of Governors which represents the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico and Ysleta del Sur in El Paso, TX. She is also a Co-Founder of the Native Women Lead organization which supports and advocates for Native Women in Business. Ortega has over a decade of experience working with tribally owned and operated businesses and entities and holds two Masters of Business Administration degrees in Marketing and Management of Technology as well as a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Organizational Management and Entrepreneurship. She also currently serves on the American Indian Science and Engineering Society’s Tribal Nations Advisory Council.
  • Denise Zuni owns Sh’eh Wheef Law Offices in Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico. Ms. Zuni is from Isleta Pueblo and has been a practicing attorney for 30 years. In the last 20 years, she has been representing Indian Tribes, Tribally Designated Housing Entities, and Native CDFIs in New Mexico. She represented the New Mexico Pueblos in obtaining congressional sponsorship and subsequent passage of HEARTH. Ms. Zuni’s work includes developing tribal mortgage laws and tribal leasing laws to make mortgage lending on tribal trust land possible. She assisted the Isleta Pueblo Housing Authority in establishing Tiwa Lending Services, a Native CDFI located in Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico. Denise also served as a tribal appellate judge and a tribal court judge. She hold a BBA from the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management and a JD from the University of New Mexico School of Law.