Mayor Activates Joint Information Center to Coordinate Local COVID-19 Public Information & Response Efforts

Centralizes Coordination with state and local government agencies to streamline communication and response

March 17, 2020

Today, the City of Albuquerque announced that the City’s Joint Information Center is fully operational and will be the City’s lead source for public information and response to COVID-19.

The Office of Emergency Management works to protect the lives and property of City of Albuquerque residents and has activated the Joint Information Center (JIC).

The JIC functions to coordinate timely, accurate, and consistent information in response to COVID-19 across Albuquerque. The JIC serves to reduce information gaps and misinformation during an emergency so the public has accurate up-to-date information.

“Our team at the JIC will provide the most current and factual information to organizations and the public,” said Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller. “An emergency team like this is crucial to provide folks with the best information regarding this public health emergency.”

A team is currently working to organize, integrate, and coordinate emergency public information to ensure timely, accurate, accessible, and consistent messages across multiple jurisdictions and disciplines.

The City is asking all state agencies, local governments, medical facilities, and media who need information disseminated to contact the JIC. These organizations can also expect to receive information from the JIC as the situation develops. Agencies include:

  • State government agencies
  • Local government agencies
  • Medical facilities
  • Private entities
  • Educational organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Media organizations

For inquiries related to closures or to provide organization or hospital updates please contact: (505) 244-8676 or [email protected]. For media inquiries related to COVID-19 call (505) 244-8674 or e-mail [email protected].