COVID-19 Health Order Enforcement Push Yields 300 Notices of Violation, 1,400 Compliance Actions Over Weekend

Ongoing effort to stem latest COVID spike with widespread compliance

Oct. 28, 2020

From October 22 through October 26, a City-led enforcement blitz focused on getting individuals and businesses to comply with the state’s public health order yielded more than 300 notices of violation.

The push, timed to help stem the latest spike in COVID-19 cases that threatens the health of New Mexicans and the capacity of the health care system, also led to more than 1400 compliance actions and seven citations when individuals or businesses refused to comply with the orders.

Mayor Tim Keller said, “This was truly a citywide effort, bringing together six different departments to help get every neighborhood in Albuquerque on the same page when it comes to stopping COVID-19. Focusing on problem areas for spread risk like parties, big box stores, and sports bars, our team worked across all four quadrants of the city to help us get back to a healthier place while keeping APD’s focus on violent crime.”

The blitz included:

  • 14 inspectors from the Fire Marshal’s Office focused on businesses, skate parks, and pavilions;
  • 5 Code Enforcement inspectors focused on big box stores and sports venues;
  • 6 Environmental Health Department inspectors focused on restaurants, breweries, and grocery stores;
  • 32 Parks and Recreation staff focused on trails, open space, and parks;
  • Officers from APD in support of other departments and to write citations when necessary.

APD also responded to 14 complaints for parties and issued seven notices of violations.

As COVID cases continue to spike, the City will continue targeted enforcement blitzes where necessary, and will continue to respond to 311 complaints to investigate, gain compliance, and issue citations if needed.