City Continues Enforcement Efforts on State’s Public Health Order

Sunport hands out more than 4,200 face coverings in one week

July 29, 2020

The City of Albuquerque is continuing its enforcement efforts to ensure businesses and the public comply with requirements under the most recent public health order, including issuing 62 warnings and providing information on state rules 1,034 times in July. The Sunport is doing their part to make sure people comply with the public health order by requiring face coverings for all travelers, and handing out face coverings to those who do not have their own. Last week alone, they distributed more than 4,200 face coverings and plan to continue this effort.

“Like it or not, wearing a mask is the best way right now to keep our city running—to save lives, get businesses open, and bring jobs back. Our goal is compliance and our efforts by many departments are ensuring that literally thousands more people are complying with the public health order,” said Mayor Tim Keller.

As part of an ongoing effort to help people understand and comply with the public health order, the City recently tasked multiple departments, such as the Fire Marshal’s Office, Environmental Health, Code Enforcement and Albuquerque Police Department, with responding to complaints about non-compliance. When a complaint comes in to 311, the City sends out a team member to investigate and provides education or a warning, as needed. In addition, mask mandate information is handed out to all businesses and signs have been posted at all Open Space trail heads to help clarify rules under the public health order.

Below is a breakdown of education efforts by each department in July:




Environmental Health






Code Enforcement



Fire Marshal’s Office




# # #

Emergencies challenge the delivery and management of emergency public information, warning and emergency protective action notifications. The Albuquerque Joint Information Center (JIC) functions as a coordinated Albuquerque Metro Area public information system that will gather and analyze data related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in New Mexico and serve as a source of accurate and comprehensive information.