ABQ Bright Spot: Neighbors Band Together to Support Families affected by Coronavirus

Families Feeding Families purchasing food, supplies for four families every week

May 6, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every family in Albuquerque in one way or another, leaving many trying to figure out how they’ll put food on the table or pay next month’s rent. At the same time, people all across Albuquerque are coming together to support their neighbors, including Cami Mallory and her family, who recently set up a Facebook page to connect neighbors who may be able to help others in need.

The project – Families Feeding Families NM – formed after Cami and her wife Rebecca realized the coronavirus was creating even more obstacles to families who may have already been struggling to buy groceries.

“As a child, I faced food insecurity,” Cami said. “Often times, the only meals I had during the day were those served at school. The response to this project has been overwhelming with so many neighbors dropping off groceries and supplies to provide enough food to feed multiple families.”

Through Families Feeding Families, Cami and her family help coordinate neighbors to donate groceries and other supplies, including pet food, and then redistribute them to families with children who lack transportation. With the current stream of donations, the project has the capability to support up to four families each week. Many of the families they’ve helped so far are also receiving support from PB&J Services.

Mayor Tim Keller said, “This is the One Albuquerque spirit in action, a recognition that we all have a role to play in solving the challenges our community faces, and that when one family steps up they can make a difference in the lives of their neighbors.”

When the Mallory family gets ready to distribute the food and supplies, they pack up four totes in the back of their SUV along with a cooler. Each tote gets fresh fruit and vegetables, canned goods, boxed items, and non-perishable goods like macaroni and cheese, rice, and beans. Every family also receives milk, eggs, butter, cheese, ground beef, hot dogs, chicken, and lunch meat. If a family needs pet food, they also provide them with a bag to feed their furry companions.

If you would like to support Families Feeding Families, you can contact Cami Mallory at [email protected] to donate food and supplies, you can contribute via PayPal using the same email address, or you can click here to contribute to their GoFundMe. Monetary donations to the GoFundMe will be used to buy groceries in bulk and pay for gas to deliver the donations.

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