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One ABQ AmeriCorps VISTA Project

Learn about the One ABQ AmeriCorps VISTA Project

Mayor Tim Keller has made a commitment to double the amount of community volunteers to solve some of our city’s most intractable poverty-related problems.  One ABQ Volunteers is about inspiring everyone in the community to come together in the spirit of service. “We want to turn government inside out so every person has a role to play in moving our city forward.”

The City of Albuquerque’s One ABQ VISTA Project’s mission is to leverage the additional capacity lent by our VISTA members to address public problems related to the drivers of poverty through a four-pronged approach: 1) increase our level of volunteer engagement by expanding the number of volunteers and volunteer opportunities available through government and community partners; 2) systematize volunteerism through a single municipal volunteer utility; 3) formalize the logging and tracking of volunteer work as a part of professional development; and 4) elevate and recognize volunteer contributions in the community.  The VISTA project will seek to recruit volunteers and build capacity for city department volunteer programs and external partner organizations. Over the course of 5 years, our office expects this program to help thousands of residents out of poverty through volunteerism by building professional and personal connections, contributing to professional development, and providing distributed, system-wide outcomes through higher levels of service enabled by volunteer contributions.

What is VISTA?

AmeriCorps VISTA members serve full time (~40 hours/week) for 1 full year at a community organization (nonprofit, college/university, local government office, etc.) on anti-poverty projects. AmeriCorps VISTA members serve on projects that build the capacity of their organization and participate in in-direct service. Projects can vary and are not limited to: developing outreach and marketing campaigns, building a social media presence, developing volunteer programs, creating a program database, writing grants, creating capacity for partner organizations, managing a program in its first year, and recruiting volunteers.

Some Benefits and Terms of Service:

  • Full time - full year term of service
  • Receive biweekly stipend payments ($567 every two weeks – $15,312 annually)
  • Healthcare benefits while in service
  • Childcare assistance while in service
  • Student loan forbearance or deferment while in service
  • One year of noncompetitive status for a federal government job after service
  • Access to the network of VISTA & VISTA alumni (170,000 strong)
  • $6,495 education or $1,800 cash stipend after completion of service
  • Build your resume, grow your network, get your foot in the door with the City of Albuquerque!

Apply to become a One Albuquerque VISTA today! Contact [email protected] to learn more.

Current VISTA Cohort:

8 people facing the viewer, posing as a group in front of a stick fence and gate. 4 people stand in the front row with their hands in their pockets, 4 people stand behind them, with faces visible.

AmeriCorps. To the left, a circle with a stylized A formed from a thick flag pole and simplified American Flag outline flowing to the left. Text and circle are colored navy blue, while stylized A is transparent.