January 2, 2019 Winter Storm Closure Updates

Updates about City of Albuquerque services delays and closures related to the winter storm on January 2.

Contact Information

  • For emergencies, call 911
  • For road conditions, call 511 or (800) 432-4269
  • For non-emergencies, call 311

This site will be updated as more information is available.

Last updated at 1:30 p.m. on January 2, 2019.

City of Albuquerque

The City of Albuquerque non-essential services and government offices are closed today due to inclement weather conditions. Essential personnel are required to contact their department director or other appropriate supervisor to determine their work schedule.

The Westside shelter will remain open all day and meals will be provided to assist the homeless at the shelter during this cold snap. 

Trash, Solid Waste & Recycling Services

All Solid Waste and Recycling Services are cancelled for Wednesday, January 2. Trash, recycling, and large item collection was already on a one day delay due the Holiday. The following is a revised collection schedule:

  • Tuesday customers will be serviced on Thursday, January 3rd
  • Wednesday customers will be serviced on Friday, January 4th
  • Thursday customers will be serviced on Saturday, January 5th
  • Friday customers will be serviced on Sunday, January 6th

The main administrative office, the Cerro Colorado Landfill, and all three convenience centers - Montessa Park, Don Reservoir and Eagle Rock - will be closed Wednesday, January 2. These locations are expected to be open and operating on Thursday, January 3.

Weather Information

The National Weather Service has declared hazardous weather conditions for the Albuquerque Metro Area and portions of north and central New Mexico.

Visit National Weather Service for the latest weather information.

Road Conditions

The City of Albuquerque urges you to stay home and avoid the roads. Icy road conditions continue throughout the entire Albuquerque metro and surrounding areas.

Residents who must drive should use extreme caution. Drive slowly, especially when making turns, and go easy on the gas when taking off from a fixed position. Remember that four-wheel-drive vehicles are not safer when driving faster. Slower speeds make it easier to stop with light pressure to the brakes.

For the latest traffic information:

How does the City prioritize the snow removal effort during a storm?

A 19-man crew on 12-hours shifts with additional personnel assisting have at least 30 trucks moving consistently until at least 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 2. Road clearing is likely to extend beyond that for Thursday's morning commute.

Main arterial roads are the priority to be cleared at this time with a focus on intersections and bridges.  Residential roads are unable to be plowed at this time.

During a snow storm Street Maintenance crews are mobilized. The City's first priority is to plow and de-ice all major arterial streets leading to emergency entrances and exits such as hospitals, police and fire stations. Provided all arterial streets are plowed and de-iced, efforts are then focused on feeder streets.

ABQ RIDE and Sun Van

ABQ Ride buses and Sun Vans are working their regularly scheduled routes although weather related delays may occur.

Road conditions for the Albuquerque area may delay or interrupt some  service through Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019.

For route schedules, (505) 243-7433.


For information on flight delays or cancellations, visit:

City Services

For up-to-date information, call 311.

Senior Affairs

The Department of Senior Affairs will not be delivering meals Wednesday, January 2, however, a “shelf meal” was delivered to meal recipients on New Year’s Eve in anticipation of this winter storm.  If additional meals are needed, individuals can contact 311 to have a meal delivered.

Cultural Services

The Albuquerque Museum,  Biopark, and libraries are closed.

Animal Welfare

Staff are continuing to care for the pets inside the warmth of the animal shelters.

Water Utility Authority

residents are reminded to leave a faucet dripping in the sink located furthest from their water meter.  Moving water is less likely to freeze, and will help reduce pressure build-up if a freeze does occur.


Albuquerque Public Schools

APS is closed for staff.

Visit Albuquerque Public Schools for closure information.

Central New Mexico Community College

CNM campuses are closed for Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019.

Visit CNM for closure information.

University of New Mexico

For the University of New Mexico: