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On-Street Parking Permit Parking

On-Street Parking Permit Parking

Some residential streets around Downtown, the State Fairgrounds, and the University of New Mexico have restricted parking for residents and their visitors.

Parking permits are issued to residents whose address is on a street with permit parking restrictions. Applications for on street parking permit(s) must be made online by visiting or in person at the Parking Division Office, City Hall, 1 Civic Plaza NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

Permit issuing is conducted Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Residential permit parking may be established per section 8-5-1-4b of the Traffic Code in areas where a study has determined that a significant portion of the available on-street parking is being used by non-residents of the area. In order to ensure that parking permits are distributed in an equitable manner to residents of an area, and in order to ensure that high density developments within the area do not overwhelm the available on-street parking, the following criteria has been established for issuing parking permits:

Parking Permits are only issued once per calendar year.

For Property Owners the following is required each year:

  • Valid and current Government issued ID card
  • Current Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Proof of Ownership or Property Tax Bill
  • current utility bill that displays the owners name AND address

For Renter/Tenant the following is required:

  • Valid and current Government issued ID Card or Student ID Card
  • Current Motor Vehicle Registration for all vehicles requiring a permit. If not the vehicle owner, please provide a hand written letter from the vehicle owner that is signed along with a copy of the owner's ID.
  • Valid Lease or notarized letter from property owner verifying a tenant agreement
  • Proof of residency - a current Utility Bill in your name - example: Cable, Cell phone, Electric, Gas, Internet, or a Paycheck Stub.  Government correspondence or a Bank statement is also acceptable

Permits are only valid for a two residential block radius of the property address. The Visitor permit will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Both of these policies are strictly enforced.

All permits must be adhered to the windshield of the driver’s side to be visible for the City of Albuquerque’s Parking Enforcement Division. Failure to do so, could result in fines. Those that have registered their vehicles through our online website do not have to display their permit in their vehicle. Parking Enforcement has the ability to track active permits through the license plate.

Parking Permits are Non-Transferable.

Outstanding parking citations must be addressed before any permits can be issued. Pay any outstanding citations.

Residential parking permits with outstanding citations, or applications missing information/required documentation will be declined.

Rental Properties - The owners of rental properties are encouraged to establish as part of their tenant's clearance procedures a process to retrieve parking permits from the vacating tenants of the rental property. Failure to retrieve permits may delay the issuance of new permits.

Outstanding or unpaid parking citations must be addressed before we can issue any permit(s).

A maximum of three (3) permits will be issued for each address. Pending location and curb space limitations. A single lot with multiple addresses will only be issued three (3) permits for all addresses associated with the lot. This includes apartments, casitas and etc. whether they are attached or segregated to the main property. A maximum of two (2) visitor permits can be issued for each address. Pending location and curb space limitations.

Lots or addresses with multiple units will be issued a single parking permit for each unit associated with that address. Proof of residency must include information regarding the unit requesting a parking permit.

Each address or each unit associated with a given address may be issued a single visitors permit. Visitor permits will be issued when application is made for a parking permit, or if only a visitor’s permit is requested, when an application with proof of residency must be submitted.

Parking permits are non-transferrable. Sale, trade, re-registration, or other disposal of a vehicle will render the permit null and void. In the event of the sale, trade, or other disposal of a vehicle with an assigned permit, the portion of the permit with the license plate number must be removed by the permit holder and submitted with an application for a new permit for another vehicle. Any abuse of the program will cause the resident, tenant, landlord or other from receiving any further permits permanently.

Relocation of a resident to an area outside the permit area will render the permit(s) null and void. Upon receiving a new application for a parking permit for a given address/unit will be voided and Parking Enforcement will be advised of permit status for enforcement.

The criteria for issuing parking permits outlined above may be modified on an area by area basis when an analysis of the parking demand and availability indicate the need. Written requests for additional permits and an exemption to the outlined criteria will be considered only if the applicant provides sufficient justification of a special need.

For those who would like to visit our office to obtain their permit(s). Free service. Please fill out the form in advance by clicking the link below.

On-Street Parking Permit Application

For those who would like to take advantage of the online convenience of getting their permit(s). Please click the link below to open the portal to our permit website.

Those who are in need of getting permits for the use of when you have a contractor, moving van or caregiver will need to register through our online website. This service is not available to request in our office and can only be done through our online website.

Required Documents

Applicants submitting permit requests online must show the following documents:

  • Valid Government issued ID Card or Student Id Card
  • Student ID Card
  • Proof of residency (Utility Bill, Local Property Tax Bill, Paycheck Stub)
  • If not the property owner, current lease or notarized letter from property owner verifying a tenant agreement
  • Current Motor Vehicle Registration(s) for all vehicles requiring a permit

Look up what zone you are in.

Price guideline for on street parking permits:

Residential Permits: $30 per year

Visitor Permit: $30 per year.

Landlord Permit: $30 per year.

Caregiver Permit: $1.00 per day or $3.00 per month or $5.00 per six months.

Contractor Permit: $5.00 per day or $30.00 per week or $100.00 per month.

Moving Van Permit: $5.00 per day or $30.00 per week or $100.00 per month.


Common Questions:

Q: Are permits free or is there a cost?

A: At this point in time there is an option to receive your permits at no charge. There is also a very convenient way and one with many benefits for someone to obtain their permits online at a minimal cost.


Q: I have a permit and still got a citation. How do I get this fixed?

A: Don’t panic. Check your citation and ensure it is not issued for parking in a permitted area. Call us or email us and let us know you received a citation in error for parking in a permitted area and you had your sticker or placard displayed. We will forward the information to the Parking Enforcement Supervisor for review. They will look at the evidence provided by the Parking Enforcement officer and will notify of you of their decision.


Q: Someone on my street is parking without a permit. Who do I notify?

A: You can reach out to 311 and place a call for service or you can call us directly at 505-924-3950. Parking Enforcement hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 7am till 6pm. After hour calls will need to be made to the Albuquerque Police Department non-emergency line at 242-COPS (2677).