Bike Facility Enhancements: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue

This project's objectives are to enhance bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between the University of New Mexico and the downtown area for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Download project trifold. - set printer to double sided print, flip on short edge

Why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue?

This roadway is one of the main entry ways to downtown for many commuters. The City of Albuquerque is constantly developing plans to improve roadways and pedestrian accessibility.

Through engineering and traffic studies, the City of Albuquerque is looking forward to providing a more efficient roadway for commuters.

As new treatments will be added to the roadway, we urge motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to pay extra attention to each other.

New to the Avenue

MLK roadway

University Avenue to Broadway Boulevard.

Restriping along this corridor will provide the following:

  • Narrowing the driving lanes from 13 feet to 11 feet will aid in traffic calming.
  • Wider bike lanes - up to 6 feet
  • A 4-foot buffer between the bike lane and driving lane.

Bike Loop Detectors

Loop detectors are coils of wire set into the pavement which, after they are electromagnetically triggered, alert traffic lights to change in the direction of travel, similar to a vehicle. They will also extend the allotted crossing time. Loop detectors will be installed on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at:

  • Broadway Boulevard
  • Edith Boulevard
  • Locust Street
  • University Boulevard

Green Paint

This high contrast paint will be added to all signalized intersection approaches. Green paint will provide increased visibility to drivers and cyclists alike while also providing a slip resistant surface to allow cyclists better traction in inclement weather.

Bike Boxes

Bike boxes will be located throughout the corridor at multiple intersections. A bike box is a designated area at the head of a traffic lane at a signalized intersection that provides bicyclists with a visible way to get ahead of queuing traffic during the red signal phase.

Bike Box

Two-Street Bike Box

A two-stage bike box will be added to the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Broadway.

How it Works:

  1. When traffic signal is green, proceed from the westbound Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. bike lane through the intersection to the green bike box. Face your bike southbound and wait for the signal indication in front of you to turn green.
  2. Ride southbound across the intersection in the traffic lane, not the crosswalk.

Driver's should stop at the stop bar prior to the green bike box.

Two- Stage Bike Box

 Two Stage Bike Box how to Click here to download the Two-Stage Bike Box PDF.

Video: Green Thermo Project