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McClellan Park

McClellan Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (1984, 2002).

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The goal of the McCllelan Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan are:

  • Allow limited expansion of the Downtown Core so as to provide adequate sites for large scale development projects which are needed to strengthen the employment and tax base of the center city and encourage it to assume a larger urban function within the metropolitan area;
  • Encourage high density commercial (including pedestrian oriented retail), office and residential activities within a substantial portion of the McClellan Park Area which will serve to complement the Downtown Core or eventually become a part of the Downtown Core; and
  • Protect the existing residential scale of the area southeast of Sixth Street and Mountain Road and provide transition to the more intensive types of development appropriate for the McCllelan Park Area.

Download the McClellan Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (1984, last amended 2002)