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About MRA

Information about The Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency.

Our Mission: To make Albuquerque competitive in the global market by revitalizing downtown and the Central Avenue corridor, leading collaborative public-private partnerships that result in catalytic change, investing in sustainable infrastructure, and providing opportunities for local residents and businesses to thrive.

Our Vision: Albuquerque - New Mexico’s urban center is the Southwest’s premier mid-size city attracting economic investment and building a healthy and vibrant community that reflects our diversity, innovation, rich culture, and unique history. It is a city that ensures economic prosperity for all residents and where visitors dream to return.

Office Information 

Terry Brunner, MRA Director
[email protected]
(505) 895-2142

Karen Iverson, MRA Manager
[email protected]
(505) 263-5376

Ciaran Lithgow, Redevelopment Project Manager
[email protected]
(505) 810-7499

Omega Delgado, Redevelopment Project Manager
[email protected]
(505) 810-7502

Sarah Allen, MRA PIO & Operations Coordinator
[email protected]
(505) 810-7501

All Media Inquiries:
Sarah Allen
[email protected]

MRA News

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