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Albuquerque In Action

Discover the Keller Administration’s latest progress to make Albuquerque the best city for families.

The Keller Administration addresses Albuquerque's challenges through collaboration, community engagement, and innovation, with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for families. "Albuquerque in Action" showcases our dedication to creating a safer, more prosperous, and inclusive city, with concrete achievements that uphold this commitment.

2023 Year in Review

Redefining Public Safety

The Keller Administration created the Albuquerque Community Safety Department (ACS), a third public safety branch that responds to 911 and 311 calls for mental health, homelessness, and addiction, as well as runs violence intervention and diversion programs. In its first two years, ACS managed over 43,000 calls, diverting 25,000 away from APD.

Learn more about ACS.

Fighting Crime from All Sides

The Albuquerque Police Department has modernized investigations and invested in technology and civilian support to improve public safety in our city.

Learn more about how APD is making Albuquerque safer.

Metro Crime Initiative

Through the Albuquerque Metro Crime Initiative (MCI), we are taking concrete steps in collaboration with government and law enforcement agencies to enhance community safety immediately and advocate for the changes needed in the state legislature. Our approach is grounded in the practical insights of police officers and the tools they require to effectively address challenges.

Learn more about 2023 MCI action items.

Housing Forward

In response to Albuquerque's housing crisis, the Keller Administration launched the Housing Forward initiative to spur access to, conversion and construction of new housing for all segments of the housing market. The multi-pronged approach has seen In July 2023, Mayor Tim Keller signing O-22-54, amending the citywide development ordinance. This significant step directly addresses housing challenges leading to more affordable housing solutions.

Learn more about Housing Forward.

Driving Economic Growth

Under Mayor Keller's leadership, Albuquerque has seen remarkable economic growth, welcoming new businesses, supporting local entrepreneurs, and revitalizing neighborhood mom and pop shops. Discover how we're shaping Albuquerque's future economy for generations to come.

Learn more about Albuquerque Economic Development.

Downtown Forward

Mayor Keller's Downtown Forward plan rejuvenates the city's core, drawing in businesses and residents to cultivate a lively, diverse, and culturally vibrant community. Through visionary projects like the Rail Trail and programs like the Downtown Storefront Activation Grant, we prioritize downtown business growth by boosting safety, reducing vacancies, and enhancing storefront aesthetics.

Learn more about the Rail Trail and other Downtown Forward efforts to create a thriving, safe and inclusive community.

Commitment to Youth and Families

Mayor Keller's administration introduced 'One ABQ: Youth Connect' to empower our young residents. From mentorship and youth employment to youth summer and out-of-school programs, we offer resources for Albuquerque's children and their families. In 2023, we expanded summer programs to 306 locations, with a 13% rise in registered summer participants, demonstrating our commitment to meeting our community's evolving needs.

Learn more about access to affordable out of school programs, early childhood development and other resources for families.

Solutions to End Homelessness

The City is addressing homelessness from multiple angles and works to prevent homelessness through prevention programs like rental assistance, help and shelter for those in need, and through supportive and affordable housing. The Gateway Center is part of our plan to enhance health resources and offer centrally located overnight beds and support services to assist individuals on their journey to secure housing. Learn more about resources and assistance available for those facing homelessness.

Learn more about the Gateway Center.

Advancing Equity and Inclusion in ABQ

Mayor Keller's administration created the Office of Equity & Inclusion (OEI) to promote positive change and support underserved communities. In 2023, Albuquerque set a national example by forming the City's Justice 40 Oversight Committee via Executive Order, guaranteeing that 40% of federal investments under the Justice 40 Initiative benefit disadvantaged communities.

Learn more about additional initiatives and projects undertaken by OEI.

Improving Quality of Life for Our Four-Legged Friends

From establishing the Preventative Pet Care Clinic (PPCC) to provide essential veterinary services for low to moderate-income pet owners, to doubling dog parks in Albuquerque, to putting microchip scanners in every fire and police station, we’re making Albuquerque a the most dog-friendly city in the nation.

Learn more about Animal Welfare's pet programs and initiatives.

Enhancing Street Safety with Vision Zero

Mayor Keller and the Administration are committed to making Albuquerque streets safer, as part of a global initiative to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries while promoting safe, accessible, and equitable mobility. Efforts include addressing ADA issues, upgrading traffic signals and street lighting, enhancing asphalt pavement, and improving signage and striping.

Learn more about Vision Zero's innovative techniques for safer roads.

Creating a More Sustainable Albuquerque

The City is reducing greenhouse gas emissions while growing our economy and protecting resident health. Our projects focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, low-carbon transportation, climate adaptation, and reducing waste.

Learn more about how we’re building a greener future.

Building Albuquerque’s Urban Canopy

Mayor Tim Keller’s goal of planting 100,000 trees by 2030 encourages community tree plantings, shares tree-related resources, and raises awareness about the importance of Albuquerque's urban tree canopy. Trees enhance neighborhoods, boost property values, conserve energy, improve air quality, and bolster climate resilience.

Learn more about the Let’s Plant ABQ initiative.