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Community Mediation Survey

For participants in the Community Mediation Program.

In order to develop the best possible mediation program for the citizens of Albuquerque we need your feedback.

Additional comments are welcomed.

Your response will be anonymous. Thank you.

This information can be found on your confirmation letter from the City Of Albuquerque - ADR Office.

1. Did you have a chance to speak and be heard in the mediation?  

2. Do you understand each other better now?  

3. Did the mediators remain impartial or neutral?  

4. Did the mediation process seem fair?  

5. Are you satisfied with the outcome?  

6. Would you recommend mediation to others?  


The ADR Office welcomes any questions, comments, and suggestions for improvement you have for the Community Mediation Program.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Naomi Parada at (505) 768-4712 or [email protected]