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529 Plan

Information about the 529 Plan.

More Education, Less Debt with the New Mexico 529 Plan

Think you know New Mexico’s 529 Education Savings Plan?

  • Did you know it’s not just for kids?
  • Did you know it’s not just for “college”?
  • Did you know it covers A LOT more than tuition?
  • Did you know it can be used anywhere in the country or online?
  • Did you know that contributions are 100% NM state income tax-deductible?
  • Did you know that relatives and friends can make gift contributions?
  • Did you know that 529 plans are transferable between family members?
  • Did you know that the City of Albuquerque offers payroll deduction?

Learn more at and open an account online in just 15 minutes. Then contact Benefits if you’re interested in making payroll-deducted contributions.