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Volunteer Opportunities

Information about volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved with the department.

Three volunteers serve traditional thanksgiving food to a woman with dark hair holding a plate. A small child looks up at the tray of mashed potatoes.Help provide compassionate support to individuals experiencing homelessness.  Volunteers can assist with shelter operations, offer meals, and engage in outreach. 

The program focuses on meeting immediate needs fostering a safe environment, and promoting community integration. By providing essential resources, connections to services, and emotional support, volunteers contribute to individual's well-being and facilitate pathways to stable housing. Through their dedicated efforts, volunteers play a crucial role in alleviating homelessness and creating positive impacts in the lives of those seeking assistance.

See HHH On our Civic Engagement Volunteer Site  

If you are interested volunteering at a specific facility click on the links below to view available opportunities:

Volunteer at the Family Housing Navigation Center   

Volunteer at the Westside Emergency Housing Center  

Volunteer at the Gateway Center 


The One Albuquerque Fund supports provides opportunities for the community to get involved and help meet Albuquerque's deepest challenges, including housing support for people exiting homelessness. 

Donate to the One Albuquerque Fund