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Fleet / Surplus Division - What We Do

The City of Albuquerque’s Fleet / Surplus Division is responsible for directing the processes for acquisition, maintenance, repair and disposal of the City’s fleet vehicles. Fleet provides services to over 2,600 vehicles and components.
  • Fleet / Surplus procures vehicles and other equipment necessary for City operations. From heavy construction equipment to electric cars, Fleet orders and services a wide range of vehicles.
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs are performed in the Pino service shop by skilled Fleet Mechanics.
  • Vehicles are purchased, modified and upfit for a variety of City Departments. These Departments include the Albuquerque Police Department, Animal Welfare, Senior Affairs, Parks and Recreation and many more.
  • Fuel distribution services, overseen by the Fleet / Surplus division, are located throughout the City for the convenience of all city employees.
  • Vehicles are salvaged and disposed of in a safe, environmentally conscience manner.
  • Fleet is dedicated to purchasing hybrid and electric vehicles to help reduce the City’s carbon footprint.
  • Data tracking measures have been implemented that help conserve fuel, improve performance, avoid unnecessary accidents and reduce overall costs of operation.

The Fleet / Surplus Division is committed to ensuring that all City of Albuquerque vehicles and components are safe to operate and are maintained to the highest standards.